It seems

That with you last reading you have wanted give me the confirmation of what i have seen the first time with your new pajama. It’s seem a craziness, but i had this sensation, and our small eletric shocks are crossing our minds faster than usual, as fast that we can feel our souls shake, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing so speedy.

Last night, then when i have commented your reading, and i checked my administration page of this open diary, and i have seen your little flag, i went crazy. I don’t say that was you by force, but everything with you isn’t no longer a coincidence, and what i think you know only you. 

I feel your arms around me, and our connection has become stronger than ever.
The soft punch in the stomach is the beautiful sensation i’m feeling in these days. 
Everything is so beautiful when our minds delicately get connect, and everything vanish, and Our Parallel World surround us, despite our distance, but in someways we are so close, and despite you don’t put like on my comments on tik tok, you do something bigger.

Our strange way of communication is the most beautiful we can  have.
I close the eyes, and i throw away all the air from the lungs, and i hear your sweet whispers.
You are so special. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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