– Interlude 37 –

Unconsciously, at end of that story of Fabian, Rose, almost in trance, have  begin to tell the story of her and Maltese, who when he have listen to her first sentences, she have whisper her name, as if  he wanted  delete those bad moments from her mind, and he taken her paws and he have nodded, and she have left him speak.

“It have been like a cyclone, it have devastated everything. It have arrived suddenly. It have been like like that cloud that Fabian have described, but on the contrary of your cloud that after the explosion, it have been the most beautiful thing, that one in our dimension, have swept away everything and everybody, destroying everything it have met.
We were rest ourselves, after a Rose squabble with another creature. When we have heard from far that roar, that very fast it was coming toward us. That cyclone then have stopped itself and it have changed form, and it have transformed in one of the biggest creature that we have ever seen. It was enough for him move his hands to create small vortex in which have killed many of inhabitants of that poor town that now, i don’t know if it still does exist.” 
Maltese stopped himself for take again breath. Without say anything, we had perceived that in those instants, he had lost all his family, and only thank to his speedy he have been capable to rescue himself and Rose.
Rose have looked at him and without have the permission, she have continue.

“We have seen them take the flight and being sucked by that enormous wave, and we have escaped faster than we have could. Despite i’m a feline creature, Maltese is faster than me, and so he have taken me, and fortunately we have been capable to hide ourselves, in an alley, and there we have seen for the first time that white spot in the brickwall.  Maltese was still undershock, and he wasn’t able to move himself, i belived he have been there, several hours, without moving himself”. Have said Rose, looking sweetly at Maltese, who seemed lost in thought. 
We everybody knew what he what was thinking about, and we have left him wandering in his rembembers.

On the contrary, Rose seemed relive those moments with more excitiment. She have placed herself in middle of the group and with feline shots, she held her knife and like in fast dance, she was telling us that she have challenged that big creature, who seemed enjoyed for her challenge. But that creature didn’t have take consideration that she had a knife in hand. She have said, despite the great size of that creature, she have been capable to wounded him  some part of his body, and when uncosciously she have touched her arms still bandaged, have born a small grimace on her face, but it seemed that it gave her more push to tell what have happened after.

“When i got back in the alley, Maltese wasn’t no longer there, but i had understood that was happened something, because the white spot in the brickwall, seemed was closing itself. I had noticed that the white spot was bigger than when we have seen it the first time, and Maltese would not have leave that alley without me: he was so undershock, and that white spot seemed floating in front of that brick wall. It seemed was looking at me. For a bit i didn’t knew what to think, but my Malty was vanished, and looking at me around, that town that once i have considered home, was no longer existed.  Like a cyclone that creature had destroyed everything, and now i was alone in that alley staring that floating white spot that, little by little, seemed calling me. I was bleeding from the head, and that wound on the arms have began hurts me. I was tired, wounded and bleeding. I have looked for to clean my wound as best, but i believe to be fainted for the pain of the wound in the arm, then i didn’t remember what has happened, but i believe that that white spot have sucked me inside of it, and i  landed here, as Malty and you have found me. But what i remember well is  that sensation that i have felt inside your beam of light. A sense of tranquillity, and even if i was fainted i have perceived it. And only when i opened the eyes, in those few seconds earlier landing i have uderstand that i was crossing the same path of Malty, and  i was going in a place really special.”

We have looked at Rose, and Rose have looked at Maltese, and after few seconds everybody have looked at us, and in that general glance, we have could perceive a great respect. We have shy smiled, and at end we have looked at us, and in those seconds everything vanished. We existed only us, while high in the sky, were brightening our stars.”


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