– Interlude 36 –

We remained in silence with an only question  on our lips, and you with a thread of voice have made it, tightening me strong to you.
“What did you have found?” you asked.
Rick remained speechless, and he wasn’t able to explain us what he wanted say. 
“HIM have said that he would give me every tool to create the right atmosphere for you… but he didn’t have gave me anything, but only few days later, looking at up to the sky staring those two stars i have understood that they were THAT tool, and only now… i have understand that the TOOL was you. 
I don’t know how i didn’t have realized earlier. When i started to stared those stars each evening, very slow i noticed smalls changing, and a sense of pure tranquillity fallen in town. Maybe only looking at those magic stars, i used the tool that HIM have said.” 

We were listening to Rick speech without, almost, understand the meaning, but maybe there was no need understand anything, because unconsciously we knew that trought the light and the tracks of those two stars,  we ourselves, would have spread what we had need.

We were tangling ourselves in that reasoning, but in our deep we knew that it was so.
Those great stars in the sky have collected  the remaining energy of our love and very slow, they were spreading it in that town, and the only thing that Rick and the other creatures had to do was looking at them absorbing  that energy that them were spreading.

Another creature of the group of Rose, have started to tell the same thing.
“That evening in the sky it have formated itself as a cloud, but then immediately have exploded in the sky that we continue to admire.  From that phantom creature, me even  i didn’t have understand what i would have to do, but when i started to look the stars, something inside me was saying that i was doing the right thing. I have continued to stared them each evening from the balcony. Me who i have always hated stay outside especially in that balcony, but those stars have given me the push, and above all the desire to stay there.”

Who had told his experience was a thin bald creature, but with elf ears, he seemd be the most taciturn of the town, and when he have started to speak, everybody were looking at each other, astonished, but none of them have interrupted him. And he only looking at us, as if he had taken courage, saying himself: “Look at only them and none else.” 
When he have ended he was still staring at us, maybe waiting for a reaction of everybody else, but surely, he didn’t have waited for mine. I shy smiled him, and with delicatness i asked him what was his name. He seemed tremble, but right after i have tranquilized him saying: “Your story have catched me.” 
For a short time, he have looked at Rick and him have nod him to continue.

“I’m Fabian” he said and through his eyes we had understood that he was pushed himself beyond his own limits, and so we have thanked him for his witness, and then we have thrown a glance toward Rick, who knew  what we have would like ask to Fabian, but now he seeemd have ended his own energies. 
Rick have looked at us and he started.

“Yes, it have been like and explosion. A moment earlier the sky have obscured itself. It have attracted almost everybody outside their buildings. It wasn’t never happened that we everybody have came out at same instants and we have found ourselves at the same place. We were everybody with the glances toward the sky. For a couple of minutes, we have had even scare. It was the very first time the sky was becoming so dark.”
For an instant Rick have stopped, and have looked at us, not much surprised. 

When he have described the whole scene, immediately  it got us in mind everything what we had faced up to, and  wihout say anything we have shared a glance in which there was everything. 
Then Rick have broke the silence, and only looking at us, he understand and he said: “I didn’t believed that that was your burden…”, and only after few seconds, one by one, have reached at same conclusion, and only the little Sally have jumped on my legs, and have looked at me, and with her sweet sounds, she made us understand that now, it was over, and we both have caressed her, and we have nodded, then we have looked at everybody, and without add anything, we have lifted the glance toward the sky where the two stars were brightening, and very slow they have spreaded their light among those creatures, making us feel part of that small universe that was surrounding us.”


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