As a soft punch

In the stomach you are arrived behind me, and suddenly you have tightened my belly.
My head has started turn, and your breathe have wrapped my being, and fast our connection has begun. 

Your arms around my hips, and delicately turn me, and everything it’s transforming itself in Our Parallel World, and even the smallest emotion become the bigger and make grow the lump in throat.
You delicately, start our slow dance and everything  vanish. 
In the universe we exists only us. 
I look at you and you smile at me, making me slide my hand inside your shirt. You stop it on your heart and you look at me.
You come closer: our foreheads touch, and your words begin to wrap me. 
Our hearts begin to beat unison, and despite our distance we feel our souls so close each other, and we go crazy. My eyes get wet by these greatest emotion  i’m feeling right now. 
I whisper:”Embrace me tight”.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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