– Interlude 35 –

We had whispered that pronoun that for us have became name from many meanings, and we have continued to stared at Rick waiting for that he continue his story. 
Rick himself, remained breathless. He knew that we knew that phantom creature, and we were there, in waiting for to listen his latest words, as children who listen to a magical story. 

Around that group it was transformed like a mysterious atmosphere, and everybody have perceived it. 
Everybody, included the small Sally, have thrown us a glance, but we were staring at Rick who have taken courage to continue. 
“As you said, they were like guttural sound, but they were well comprehensible…” he have left that sentence in suspension for a bit. He had understand that for us it was new thing. We have looked at each other, and for  how we have always remember his guttural sounds, were always remained a mistery, but in a way or the other, through his eyes full of something inexplicable beauty, we have understand always everything he wanted said us.

But this time it was totally different: we knew where HIM came from, and we knew how he communicate with us, but with that small creature how did have done?
Rick have placed himself in front of us, on a small concrete structure next the streetlamp, and when he have started to speak, have catched the whole attention of that audience.

“At first i have believed to have some hallucinations, and only now i think that have been him to emptying the pub with some magic.”  We have shared some glances, and very slow we have nodded. 
I tightened your hand strong, and your look got back straight into Rick’s eyes. 
You was looking at him very curious to know what HIM had said Rick, and Rick himself was trying to remember the exact sentences.
For what we have remembered, HIM hadn’t never pronounce a words, and those his guttural sounds were the only sounds that came out from that increbible creature. 

At end you have taken courage and with some shyness, have asked: “What he have said you?
Rick have looked at everybody and he began.
“When he came closer to me, i have understood that was everything real, and i had to be careful to everything would happend in the next minutes. I was aware that what i was listening to were only incomprehensible sounds, but very slow i entered in that chant, and everything have been clearer.  I will don’t forget what he have said. With a sound that it had totally captured me, he said «I have travelled many dimensions to find the right one. They deserve to rest. They have exceeded many dangers, and they always have crossed them like winners. Their love is the most great weapon to defeat everything, but now what they need is only to find themselves once again, they have to strenght their love. Here, they have everything they need, and now it’s your turn. I will give you every tool to spread everything of which they have need», then i don’t know  he vanished, leaving him behind some sentences that have hammering my till i went away from the pub. The next morning in the sky they were appeared two small stars, and i woke with a strange sensation, and when i got back in pub, i have met some of  my friends and even them had a sensation of someone have visited them. Then i told them what have happened, and what i found, it have left me breathless”, and some of the creatures were murmuring the same things of Rick. They were his friends, and Rick himself was looking at them, as if he wanted the confirmation of what he was saying us.

We were without words, and our hearts were beating stronger than ever. You have looked at me and i threw away all the air from the lungs, then we have stared everybody, and with a thread of voice you said: “You meant that HIM have came at the same time to each of you?”

Everybody were looking at each other, because it was the very first time that someone make them that question, and it seemed that till now, none of them, not even Rick had made that question, but from those glances that those creatures were sharing, the answer seemed so obvious.

HIM had got prepared everybody at our arrives. We have smiled, looking at each other.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐– Interlude 34 –

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