I feel your arms

Around my belly and they are tightening me strong. I escaped and i came here, to be with you all alone.
I can admit, the more our connection is making itself stronger, the more my necessity to be alone with you grow always more. 
I throw away all the air from the lungs, and i close the eyes, and i feel your body against mine.
Your whispers are surrounding this solitary place, and everything becoming Our Parallel World. 

I turn and i dive myself into your eyes. 
I can feel your perfume wrapping my senses.
I can hear you: “Tell me everything”.

I close the eyes, and i start to tell you what you already know, because you are feel it too inside your soul.
It’s enough looking at each other and we see the same emotions surrounding us at same instants.

Our hearts beat so fast, at unison, and our breath become one. 
When our connection it’s so strong we have only close the eyes, feel our souls dancing our slow dance, and our apartament is the only place in which we want stay. 
Embraced so. Delicately, whille our emotions surrounding us, leaving us go. 
Everything become as always we have wished.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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