– Interlude 34 –

As much we were remained speechless, Mark had understand to have to explain us more that Sally’ fur matter, and why her fur was the most wanted by the hunters.
There was no need to asked him, Mark with his tone of voice so profound have begin.

“The creatures like Sally are very common in our dimension, but when born a creature like her, with white fur, it’s like a news, and creature like her from a side it’s good thing for the community in which they born: making nothing they bring lucky to everyone they meeting, but to other side, it’s like a curse.” and he left the speech in sospension, looking at everybody, especially us, and without add anything else, we had understood the continue, and i have ended: “You don’t know who you can meet…” i have said it almost without think of it, and Sally still on my legs taken my hand again and she have placed it on herself, and our eyes met, and unconsciously i brang her at my chest, as protect her and this time she have understand my gesture, and she left me do, and at end she have caressed my face issuing sweet little sounds. 
As a voice in background Mark said: “She is saying you «I love you»”.
I have looked at her and caressing her sweet face i said her: “I love you too!” and in those black eyes i have could perceived how much she special she was.

You have looked at Mark nodding, making him understand that for what we had comprehended by the ring, it was that the power of it was salving only the creatures who had really need of our help, and it would ever make a bad jokes. “When i have bought that ring, i did without think it much. When i have slided it on her finger, something magical have wrapped our lives and everything around us, and till now it has always helped us to came out from situations very dangereous.” and ended this last sentence you thrown me a glance and in that look i seen what you were thinking, and our hands were tightened stronger.

Mark looking at us smiled, and he have thanked us once again.
We were surrounded by those new creatures, who seemed more fascinated by our tales than other things, and they seemed for real our little satellites, and only when Rick have lifted his small face toward the sky, have indicated it, as if it was the very first time he have seen it.

The dark sky was full of brighty stars and two on all them, were the brightest, and when we have seen them, all of sudden our hearts stopped, and only the little Sally have jumped on your shoulder, she have indicated them, as if she had understand that those stars belonged to us, and with her little paws, have reunited our hands in hers.

We have passed the whole evening in that corner in front of the pub, without think about the time was passing fast.
Even those creatures of that dimension, had  incredible stories to tell us, above all Rick who when have started had captured the attention of everybody, even of the tiny Sally, who jumped down from the shoulder of his great friend, and she have placed in front of him, attempting to touch him. 

“That evening the sky was becoming always more full of stars, and i’ve been shaked by a big wave of sensations. I never  felt like this before, and when i seen the sky just a moment later, i have seen those stars and the sky have become the most starry sky i ever seen in my life. For the next days those two stars were remained in the sky well visible even in the day. I knew that was about to happen something: something of real beautiful. Unconsciously i knew that something would be arrived and it have would changed in better this dimension. We didn’t had any problems, like Maltese and Rose, Mark and Sally had. 
One evening i was alone in the pub, and it was so strange, because it’s always full, but that evening have been the only evening empty, and only after you were landed, i have understand the reason. I have felt once again that big wave of great sensations and inside of like a voice, but it was more like a…”
“Guttural sound” you have said, looking at Rick breathless, who very slow have nodded.

We have looked at ech other, and delicately we have tightened our hands, and unison we have whispered a name.”


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