How much

I really need of you in these days, in these hours, in these minutes.

I feeling your closeness  so close next to me. If i close the eyes i feel your arms around me, and your breath that is envelope me delicately.

I staring at your face, and where i go, it’s always there.
In my safe place. 
I close the eyes, and i feel your arms around my belly stronger, and i hold back the breathe, because i feel your chest closrer to my back.
Slowly i throw away the air  from the lungs, while you turn me toward you. 

Our hearts are beging to beats like two jackhammer, and fast our mind are connect always more.

From you have begin again to upload videos, our mind is always connected, and each day i feel our connection growing fast.
If i  remain to stare at you long, my lump is grow and some tears get wet my eyes. 
I hold the breathe and i feel your arms tightening me stronger.

Our connection is even this.
Great emotions around us that we can’t explain not even to ourselves.
It’s a tangle in the stomach that growing each minutes is passing by.
We have to throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t crazy.

We are connect ourselves always strongly and we feel it inside our souls.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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