– Interlude 33 –

We everybody threw away all the air from the lungs, and Mak have stretched his paws to the that little creature who placed herself on his shoulder, and he have smiled her: “This is Sally, but i call her Ali. Since i have saved her from a couple of hunters who wanted taken her for her precious fur, we have became inseparables. I have found her in a small cage in a dark alley who was crying. I had recognized that cage, and from where we come the hunters are the wortest creatures. They selling themselves for few money and they would do everything, even for a single coin. 
They have provoked me that scars i have on face…. I heard her small screams and when i have set her free they have taken me from behind. They were three or four, i don’t remember well. When they have tried to catch me i have fought with all myself. They have wounded me on face, but two of them are dies. When i have been capable to take away Ali from that cage i  ran faster i could. We  have wandered in town for a couple of days, we hid ourselves in everywhere, we haven’t eat anything good, but only what we had found in garbage bin, we have had fear of everything, till we have been attracted by that light.  We have had studied it for a bit, and it seened that it wanted only us. But only when the other hunters have found us,  Ali have made me sign to go inside. It were days that it was everywhere we went, that light have followed us, and it have became bigger. We have felt it like a calamite, and only when the hunters were about to catch us again, that light have taken us by force and at end we landed here.” 

We have listen to everything breathless, and at end we have looked at them speechless.
We have looked at the little Ali who wasn’t speak, but she only was issue sweet small sound that only  Mark was comprehending, and he nodding at each sound that that small creature was issuing, and at end he said: “and as Ali have remembered, when the light have sucked, right after we have felt an assuring sensantion”, and the small Ali have jumped down reaching me and taken the hand, she have indicated the ring, she have issued a sweet sound, then she have looked at us, and only in that instant, we everybody have understand what she wanted meant.

When i have sweetly caressed her, she have scared a bit and immediately she have jumped on Mark shoulder, but right after she have placed herself on the big arm of his friend, and she have started stare at me with those black eyes, while she issuing some different delicate sounds, Mark have said: “It’s not your fault, she have to get use once again to the caresses. She have been traumatized when she have been caught.” and his big friend have looked at her, and caressing her sweetly. She had faith only in him and he seemed her playground, now that she got calm herself.

She have go trough him along his enormous body, issiung playful sound, and Mark seemed not annoy by her, on the contrary, he laughing when she was crossing some part of his body. Ali was use Mark as training camp, and when she was issuing those sweet sound seemed very happy.
And only when Mark have confessed us the last thing, we have looked at him lack words.
“She is very happy now, she is feeling herself in safe.” and when he have ended to speak, the small Ali have jumped on me, taking my hand, and our fingers have crossed each other, and after a long glance, she gave me a warhead, and without the translation of Mark, very slow i touched her, and i starting to caress her, and she have issued some sweet sound, and we have looked at Mark, who have only nodded and on his big face was print itself his grimace.

The little Sally, was one of the smaller creature we had met: she looked like a little monkey, but for sure she wasn’t. At end of her tiny body there was a long tail that she was use like fifth hand. If it haven’t been for the long tail,and for her fur color, she would been not noticed and she would be immediately squashed. 
Mark in a whisper have explained that Sally fur was the most wanted among those group of hunters, because one of the rarest between those smallest creatures, and that scream that they had heard entering in that vortex it was of one of the hunter. 

We have looked at both astonished, and Sally now was on my legs, listening to Mark carefully, but looking at Rick, Maltese, Rose and the others, we have assured that nothing would happen in that dimension, and we have said that our ring would not have permit to enter anyone for get us hurt. And everybody have nodded, and the little Sally have wanted again my caresses in sign of thankful.”


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