– Interlude 32 –

Only when he turned his face toward me i have noticed his big scars on his face. They cross all the left side of the face, and they were ending in the middle of the mouth, drawing a Z on the lips. 
I noticed it, when he have tried to smile, but on his sweet big face has born a grimace.
This made me alot of tenderness, and i have tightned more his paw.

Before to start to talk he have thrown a quick glance inside the pub, where everybody were trying some chairs, and someone have taken them outside, but there was still time to stay alone and talk in tranquility.
I had not hurry, but when he have ended to pronnouncing the first sentence, i have preferred to look at down, my hands have began to shake, and my heart have started to beating fast.

Only when our glances met, my eyes were wide open, and i didn’t wanted believe what he was telling me
He began to tell me that when he and the small creature have been sucked, they were about to be reached by their bigger enemy, and when they were been sucked in the vortex of the ring, he had heard him that was threatening them that he would have do all possible to reaching them even in another dimension.
When he saying this, his eyes widing open more, and i could feel his fear only hearing his tone of voice, that have became lower despite his enormous thoracic cage, and his normal tone of voice was making trembling everything around.

He didn’t wanted scare anybody, even if who was settling the chairs around us, was perceiving something  not funny, but we have waited for that he have left us again to continue to speak. As if was a normal speech, we have smiled him, and only when we remained alone again, we have shared a nervous glance, and he given a glance to the light of the ring was spreading around a sort of  shield.

I have looked at it too, and then i have whispered: “This ring collecting something special” and unconsciously i given a look at inside the pub and i have started to follow you, and immediately you have stopped and our gazes met, and i threw away all the air from the lungs, then i have would like continue, but that creature next to me, had understand everything without that i added anything else, and he said: “When we been sucked inside that vortex we  have feel it, we have feel that love that i have seen in that glance, it’s one of the greatest.”

And always looking at the ring, i whispered: “It’s with this great our love that we have defeated every dangers and enemies in all the dimensions we been, and i’m sure that we can defeat even this”, but when i have lifted the face i met that one of that creature who was shyly smiling me, but in that smile i could perceive something that, even the biggest love, it could not defeat, and in his big eyes there was a veil of sadness, that only now, i had deciphered being fear. 

And only when everybody have taken sit, a silence have made everybody a shiver along the back.
When the creature have left us alone few minutes before, entering in the pub had announced : “They are discussing about something important” and he have looked at you, and only when you have came close to me, looking at me straight into my eyes, you have understand that glance that i thrown to you through the window.

I knew that i would heard the story again, i have looked at you, and you without thinking much, sweetly you have taken my hand, and when he started to tell, i have tightened your, and we stared each other, and my heart have began to beat strong one more time.
For sure we would have not wanted listen something like that, but we could not pretend that everything he was saying us wasn’t a possibility. 

Then you have looked at everybody, who at those words got scared themselves alot, and you have stared Maltese, but above all Rose who knew that sensation of continuos fear, and you have made her nood to speak.

She have looked at the grey big creature next to me: “You have been clever to warning us about that. Each one here is doing his best to maintain the calm, and  nobody here wants fight but if there need we will fight till the end”, and she touched her tighs, where she got used have an edgy knife, and everybody have looked at it.
Then i got up and sweetly i turned toward the big creature who was still continue sniff the air, and i presented him to everybody: “Guys, he is Mark” and he lifted the big paw and on his face was drawning a grimace.”



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