– Interlude 31 –

From that soft touch of the big creature, we everybody we have learnt to know each other a bit better, and from the moment the giant taken my my little hand, he didn’t have left the hold. And for sure i wanted leave him a certainty. 

Ascertained that we were the good ones, we have said that we would go in a good place, and we have started to walk, with the new members of the large group by my side, always hand in paw.

Walking next to that biggest creature i have could feel many fear that was still running in his body. 
Sometimes i have felt his trembling, even for a leaf that was touching his big head. 
As much i could i was trying to get calm him. We had to know what have happened, and looking at Rose, i knew that that giant didn’t have arrive from the same dimension of her and Maltese. 
A big creature of that size was hard don’t remember of it, and i was looking at Rose glance, and not even in a glimpse, she have remember of him. 

Then i thrown a quick glance to you and without open the mouth, you knew what was running in my mind, and with an astonished glance, you have ended at my same conclusion. We were saving all those creatures from several dangers, and you have ended whispering a sentence that have resounded like a breeze in the wind, but that only me have could hear, and looking at you, i have tightened your hand that i was keeping in your other.

Almost arrived to the pub, we have seen Rick outside, and as much he small he was, we have seen his eyes splashing out from his small body,  seeing that creature becoming always bigger, and as much he didn’t have fear of anything, he went to hid himself behind the streetlamp in front of the entrance. He was hidden among other flying creatures attracted by that blinding light.

When we have noticed him, we have call him a couple of times: “Rick? Rick? We see you….!”
And he stopped his beat of wings, and shyly he came out from behind streetlamp, and he placed himself in front of us, and seemed that his small transparent wings were vanished, but on the contrary they were beating at a crazy speedy, and he have looked at us, speechless, and with his small eyes, he asked us: “Who are they?”

He knew perfectly who they were, but he remained breathless for the big size of that creature who still keeping tight my hand in his paw and he was looking at himself around, astonished, and almost scared for the question that that one small creature made us.
I was about to present them to Rick, but only few seconds after i have realized that i still didn’t know their names, and i thrown a glance to you who have shyly smiled and you made me enter in the pub.
You have opened the entrance and immediately  Rick went to the counter. 
But something have stopped the big creature who was feeling himself in embarassement.
He could not enter inside the pub due his measure. He left my hand as soon i entered, but i stopped and i turned. Immediately i have understand, and i remained with him, and then one by one have choose to remain outside the local to listen what the great creature had to say.

I sat next to him, while the other were taking something to sit, and sweetly he have looked at me as if i was the only to which he wanted say everything, above all his name. 
I was looking at you inside who was taking some chairs for outside and you was organizing an evening under the stars. 

I had seen that you was busy, so i got relaxed, and i started to study in his minimal particulars my new friend.
We remained in silence for a bit, and in those instants i have started to study his physiognomy.
I was looking down and my glances has fallen on his enormous feets: they had claws, and they were like webbed.
His fur was a mixed color between grey and rotten green, his anterior paws were covered by his fur and almost the fingers were hidden of it.
His fur was bristly, and when i finally i reached his face, i have could see something of a wolf: his profile was a bit elongated, and his nose was sniffing the air, as if it was normal thing.
He had  rotten green jacket without sleeves made by a rough cotton but enough thick to cover him when was cold.

He knew i was examining him and he left me do, then he taken my hand, and when our glances met again, he started to tell me his story.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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