– Interlude 30 –

Despite we were sleeping, and despite Rick had said us “If happens something i will call you”, there was no need of his warning. 

We knew that was happening something. In the air there was that sensation that we had felt when we were merging each other. 
That thrust that was pushing everything in ahead. Our hearts were beating strong, but despite we seemed go crazy, we didn’t have opened the eyes, but unconsciously we have tightened strong the hands one in another.

We were with those new creatures in that spiral. We knew that they would have arrived, and only when we had know that they were landed in safe, we have opened the eyes, and without say anything, we have looked at the ring, and that twirl that had accompanied the new creatures it was already disappeared, but there were the last  fast tracks.

I have looked at you and in a whisper i said: “Who know how much the are scared, they don’t know how manage these journey. It will be the first time for them”, i stared straight into your blue eyes, and you have nodded.

Without waste time, we got prepared ourselves, and once again we went down, and in hurry we have left the apartment in direction of the pub, but we have meeting Rose and Maltese with the other group of creatures just before, and very slow we  made us space between them, and only when the bigger of the new arrived, have stared at us first then he have looked the ring, then he have looked at once again us, and you have came close to him, but he seemed didn’t have faith, so he have retracted himself, so you moved away yourself very slow.

You wasn’t worry for his reaction, on the contrary, you was understand him perfectly, and so you placed yourself a bit distant, and have looked at me encouraging me to go on. 
Delicately, you have taken my hand, and you have accompanied me in front of that enormous creature, and without say anything, you have assured me that it would be going alright.

Of all the creatures we met on our travels, this was one of the greatest, if not the greatest ever and in front of him I could perceive my total smallness, and this scared me a little, but on the other hand in those big black eyes, I could feel her total disorientation, so i came close to him speaking sweetly, but it seemed that he was more attracted by the lights of the ring, and immediately, the smaller creature, always between the big paws of that incredible creature, have indicated the brick wall from where they have arrived.

Rose was about intervening, but Maltese have stopped her in time. 
Maltese wasn’t the bravest, but he had seen many times these situation, and maybe  he was the only, with you included, who had immediately understand the whole situation, and he have continued to keeping Rose ouside that invisible circle, that very slow, have transfomated itself, between me, you and those new creatures.

Slowly, i approaching always more to that giant, and delicately i placed myself on the asphalt, and i have started to look at them in silence.
The smaller creature, have wanted to went down, and really slow have approached herself to me.
At each steps he was doing, he stop and he was looking backward the great creature who seemed fascinated and in someways still scared, but on his big face, very slow it was painting itself a shy smile.
And that’s what on which i was counting.

By now, the smallest creature was at one step to jump on my legs, and i was looking at the big creature in front of me. 
We were looking at each other so deeply and i didn’t have realized that the smaller have jumped on me. and when i met the glance of that creature, for the very first time, me and you have heard the sound of the voice of that big creature. 
Trembling he only  said: “Thank you”, and only after that sentence you have felt the right to approach once again, and you have looked at the smaller creature, then that one big, and only after you have shared a smile, the smaller have jumped on you, and he have indicated you the light of the ring, and with the sofest tone of voice, you have explain what have happened.

Everybody around have heard your magical story, and only when you was about to end, i have felt the big paw caress my hand, and very slow our glances met once again. He thanked me one more time, and have looked at even the smallest creature who have started to smile.”


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