– Interlude 29 –

Then you have move me away and you have turned me round toward you, and once again our glances met, moving back a tuft of hair from my face, you have whispered: “Let’s go rest ourselves”, and delicately you took me among your arms, and so we went up.

We remained with the same clothes, we didn’t care of it: the importance was remain in that bubble full of our emotions and see the effect that was issuing inside the ring, and remain fascinated by that light was spreading in the sky, therefore around the town.

We still didn’t wanted believe to all that, but what we were seeing, was there in front of us, inside the ring.
I had need to close the eyes and return to that normality to which we were got used it. 
That dimension in which everything was counting were only our emotions, and even the smallest soft touch, was provoke the explosion of our hearts, but even this it was reflect in that dimension, and we didn’t wanted think of it.

We remained so, in the middle of those emotions that we had regained staying in that bedroom alone, and caressing  each other, we have could perceived that thrust felt, when we have made love, and slowly we fallen asleep.
But something was about to happen in city.

The patrol that Rose had put up, was about to discover something incredible. 
When she have been called by one of the biggest creature of the town, she remained speechless. 
At begin the big creature, have believe to have a hallucination, but then after seen a small light becoming bigger, he remained to see that evolution, and only when he have been capable see inside, he have understand that he was in front of that path which Rose had named in the pub. 

At begin the light it was only a white spot inside a brick wall, then very slow that whit and bright light it was enlarge itself till to reveal the real colours made of a pale pink merged with purple and insde of them million of small stars that seemed they chasing each other, and those colours were formating a sort of pathway and it was going toward that creature who have warned that thrust, remaining there.

By now that spot  have could be only bigger and the reverse transformation was no longer possible, so he went to warn everybody with Rose in lead, and when they got back in front of that brick wall, they were seeing some silhouettes taking form, and being thrust toward the entrance of that dimension. 
For the very first time Rose, Maltese have witnessed by that force that it had swept them up, and only when the new creatures were about to splash out from that tunnel, Maltese taken Rose just in time and he have move her for don’t being invested. Just after seen the new creatures entered in our dimension, have unconsciously touched her head to be sure that what she have remember it  was not imagination, and she twisted face with pain.

Entered in that spiral the thrust from slow have become always faster, till almost at end to become a fast vortex where they have hit the walls of that pathway, and the thrust faster was for the entrance, and those two creatures have rolling out of it like two little balloons.
Rose have beckon wait a second, then she have checked that those creatures were ok, but above that they were not ills-intetioned, but above all they seemd creatures scared for what they had faced up to in those seconds. 
Sure that everything was ok, she approached herself to those new beings, and with a soft tone of voice she said: “If you understand me, with the head make me sign.” 

For Rose and the group around her, those were the longest seconds, but then one by one, have nodded, and there was a breathe of relief, and so with Maltese, she came closer to them to check if they had some wounds or scratches, and for the very first time, they have met their glances, and they have made them, the same question that Maltese had printed on his face: “Where we ended?”, when he camee out from the same path.
The biggest was keeping in his arms the smallest one at protection by everything could happened, and they were still looking at Rose doubtful, but when Maltese have intervened saying: “You have landed in the safest place, don’t worry you will be ok”, and the smallest have looked at the biggest who seemed let go the hold, and very slow, he started to look at himself around.

And only when he seemed got calm, Rose with careful approached herself to the couple and sweetly smiled them.”


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