– Interlude 28 –

We had followed the Rick advice and after given a quick glance to Rose and Maltese, we have followed the way of return, but always keeping an eye and ears to everything around along that sidewalk.

We have crossed it in silence, but the only thing that we have could hear were our hearts that beating unison, they given us the rhythm to our walk, and despite it was a noisy rythm, it was slow.

We were stll thinking to that crazy idea that now, we were the centre of that universe and all the dimensions were turning around to the two big stars that  were rapresent us, but it what Rose had explained it was the most logical thing that we could imagine. 
During that walk we have tightened our hands each other, and everytime that thought got back in our minds, that hold was become tighter.

We have stopped ourselves a couple of times, thinking to have heard something or seen someone, and maybe it was so, but as much taken by that idea, that we wanted go in our apartment, maybe eat something, and speaking about it, or only free the mind and thinking to others things lesser tangled than those that were running in in our head in those instants.
When we arrived in front of the rusty gate, we have looked at each other and unison we have threw away the air from the lungs, and looking at us backward, we entered in that one that we have always considered the heart of  our world.

I sat on the sofa, but immediately i got up, and you from the kitchen you asked me: “Where are you going to”, but i haven’t reply you, and slowly i went to the only big window of the apartment, and i have put myself to look at outside.
All of sudden, it have became evening and those starry sky seemed reflecting itself inside the ring. 
I knew that in a short time you would arrived, and it have been so.

Delicately i have felt your arms embrace my belly from behind, and your breath have wrapped me.
For those short instants were only us, and our hearts have beated unison. 
I have tightened more your hands around my belly, and you have pulled me toward your chest, and only when i was feel myself in safe among your arms, i softly asked: “Will we be able to put in safe everybody… as Rose said?” looking at outside the  window.

You have not reply immediately: we remained in silence for a bit, but then sweetly you have turned me and our eyes met again, and as if we didn’t have ever seen us in those latest hours,  we remained breathless. I dived myself into your blue eyes, and sweetly i have touched your face till arrive to your mole, and you have stared at me for all the time i caressed your face. For a second i looked down, then you have lifted my face and when our glances met once again, you said: “Rose have right. Now we are their centre, and they turning around us. 
We have to pull them out from their own dangers, they will find our track. They will feel that thrust. They will feel what we had felt us, and in that journey that they will make, they will feel that they will end
in a place where their troubles will don’t find them ever more.”

You was saying me those words with such slowness and calm, that i remained fascinated, and at end all my doubts were gone, and all that calm have invested me then i have smiled you throwing away all the few air i had in body. For what you had said i have remained breathless, and the more i was look at you, the more i was conviced about that i had soon hearing it even inside our souls.

And after that, i have looked at you, and immediately after i dived myself between your arms, and you have said: “It will goes everything ok” then you have lifted my face toward your and sweetly your lips have leaned on mine, and we got back to see the starry sky that was reflecting the light of the ring, in which were our feelings of that moment.”


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