– Interlude 27 –

We were still envelope by those emotions, that we haven’t noticed that Rose was speaking, and very slow was explaining her theory about the ring, and very slow even the other creatures have understand what she had fastly  had said when we still telling the story, and only when we woke from that atmosphere that we had created, we have started to follow better her logical thread.

I have looked at you, and you have shared that glance in which i could loose myself, but following her speech, you have made a question that have left everybody speechless, while i have looked at Rick scared for the answer that Rose have would could give. 
She didn’t gave a reply, but in her gaze, we could see everything what she would wanted say. 

We still didn’t wanted believe that we were in a new dimension, but we had to made the counts with everything it was happening around: Maltese first and Rose then, were the living proof of  everything, and what Rose was explaining extremely easy.
We have stared her,  and when our glances met again, that answer it have came out without any effort.

“Let’s get prepare ourselves to receive other new creatures from other dimensions in difficulty.” she said looking at everybody then at end she thrown a glance toward us, but the immediately after, from another creature, have came out another question, but  right after everybody knew where look at. 
Inside the ring there was a small was turning galaxy, and we had only to look inside what was the most bright track was next to the main two stars and see what would have happened. 

Now, we were us to attract the dimensions and not the contrary.
Unconsciously, after Maltese and Rose rescue, we knew that it was so, but after have seen the ring we have realized all that, and after took my hand, you have looked at me deeply, and then you said: “I’m sure that till now, have been a test, and what we had felt making love, it have been not an illusion.” I have interrupted you, and i have whispered: “Everything we have faced up to till now it have been a test that HIM have wanted make.” and looking at you, i was thinking above all to Raikin, and you have seen him through my eyes, and then you have tightened me strong. 

We both knew that that proof have been of of the hardest: me with that leg wound that didn’t wanted heal, and your worry, that i  could not made it, and those laughs of Raikin in background. 
We have remember those bad moments in silence, while we were looking at Rick; Maltese and Rose who was talking about the next moves to do in town.

After resurfaced by that bad sensation, we have pay attention to the words of Rose who was dividing in groups those creatures, still doubtful, but only when they have looked at us and we have nodded, inside their eyes we have could see somethng look like a determination, and even us have followed what Rose had in mind. 
“It have been a lucky that me and Maltese have landed next the pub, and you have immediately find us.
I see many inhabitants are here inside, and i think that this town, it have not many place leisure places”, and saying this, she thrown a glance toward Rick who have shyly nodded. 
“Well, i would send a bunch of you to check places like alleys, and hidden places and see if, in meanwhile, there landed other creatures.” and then she have looked at us, as if she wanted our consent, and without thinking much we have beckon.

Then shyly Rick have flew to us, and with a tone of voice almost careful toward our needs, he said: “You should go to rest.” and he nodded. Only after few seconds, we have understand what he wanted meant, and it seemed that we still didn’t get used to this formula. 
We had to rest to maintain that magical calm around that dimension, and only have looked at each other, you got up an you have delicatly you have helped  me to stand up, then we have looked at Rick who have understand immediately our glance, and he said: “If there are news, i will call you, but now go!”

We have came out, and on the sidewalk, we have met Rose and Maltese who were coordinating everything.
We have smiled, and with a soft whisper, i thanked them. In their glance, were them that thanking us, and very slow both, have take a glimpse to the ring, and inside of it there was the most beautiful light that they had ever seen.”



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