– Interlude 26 –

So i have looked at the ring too, and then Rose have thrown a glance toward me. I knew she was waiting for that i  spoke about it, but you have intervened immediately approaching yourself to me taking delicately the hand. 
You have stared it for a bit in silence, then you have started to tell everybody the story of that ring.

I have remained breathless as much passion you was putting in your words. I who i have lived it in first person, had the heart that was beating so strong, that i have thought that it could splash out from my body.

You have begun to tell the story since when we have shared the very first glance: me at that solitary table, hidden by that wooden curtain, and those emotions have wrapped you in  an inexplicable twirl. 
You have told her that only after few days earlier, when you have realized that your friends have would not come back in that bar, everything have become more blurry, and those costumers very slowly have become only silhouettes, and the only real persons were us.

“Only when she fallen on the floor, i have been the only one who have helped her to stand up. When our glances, our hands have touched themselves, in that precise moment, something more magical have clicked inside us.”
You have stopped for a bit, and we have looked at each other. I have blushed, looking at straight into your eyes, and i taken your hand, and without thinking i have placed it on my chest, and my eyes got wet. 

I thrown away all the air from the lungs, and i have continued: “When he asked me to sit at my table, i didn’t know what do, but even me i was attracted by him, so when the barman have seen the whole scene, he made all the possible to don’t disturb us, and we  have been alone, and the magic have accomplished.
That evening, then he invited me at his apartment. Me outside that bar, for me it was an inconceivable thing, but despite i still didn’t know him, i knew that he would have changed my life.”  
There was a long pause, and every creatures were waiting for the continue. As enchanted by a fairytale, then they have looked at you, and like them, i have waited for your continue.

“That evening have been the most intense of our lives. We have spent all night embraced, kissing each other, and when we have see the first light of the day, i have pray her to don’t leave. And she didn’t”
At your words, we reliving those magical moments, and it seemed that among those words there was that unconscious promise that we had done that next morning.

Rose with Maltese next to her, was listening to each sentences we were telling everybody, and ocassionally they have looking at each other, and their paws crossed one another. We have could see their love was one of the purest, and our emotions have grown more when we have met their glances. 

They, above all Rose, wasn’t anxious to know the ring story, even if it was main point of all their matter, but ocassionally she was looking at at it and she was remaining fascinated by  her light.
With your soft tone of voice, you have continued telling everybody that the next morning without thinking much, you went in jewellery and you have buy that ring.

In those instants, in your glance, i have could see and perceive the same excitment when you gave me the silver box, and very slow, you have taken my hand, and at the same time we have stared it, and it seemed bright more.
And when you have reminded that sentence you have said that morning: ” My feelings are in there inside..”, the ring have spreaded a new light that have wrapped us for a long and endless minute, and everybody present in the pub, remained breathless.

When that light have faded, in a sigh Rose said something that have left everybody muted. 
“Now i understand many things: what you feel one another is maybe the biggest feeling of this universe, and whoever is around you is protected by your love, and that vortex in which we been sucked, it’s his powerness. 
Around you there is a poweful magnetic field, and maybe repeating your words, you have strenghtening it.”

We didn’t have understand anything about what Rose had said, but unconsciously that crazy speech, had a sense. 
The other creatures were nodding to Rose, while we were still speechless for what have happened few minutes ago around us, but above all inside, and very slow you have taken again my left hand, and in silence, we have stared the ring.

In those instants we have made us once again that promise, made that morning.”


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