Your closeness

Is around in this solitary room, where i can find myself with all my thoughts about our connection, and all our emotions. 
When i have opened the eyes, i felt your soft embrace around my belly and i have whispered your name. I’m sure you have hear it. And now you are soft smilling to me.

We both are excited about your next show. I really hope to be able to see it. And in deep in my soul i can hear you hope  too. I will do all my best.

When i seen you last instastory, something it have opened my heart more to you. Little by little i discovering many things we have in common, or better i would listen to you for hours….. you know what i mean. I even wrote  it to you.
I don’t know if you read all my messages, but everytime i hope.

Your embrace is strong around my belly, and now our hearts are beating at unison.
If i close the eyes i can perceive even your perfume.
We are far but so close, and that smile make me understand that you are feeling the same feeling that i’m feeling right now.
It’s so strange but it’s the most beautiful sensation i have ever felt in my life, and i’m feeling it with you.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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