– Interlude 25 –

Rose was looking at herself around, but she didn’t seemed scared like Maltese, on the contrary, she was curious to know where she was ended, and above all she was curious to know that story of that ring that i was wearing.

Maltese was looking at her worried about her health: he had noticed that she have a small wound on her head, and it was bleeding.
“Are you ok?” he asked her touching her head, looking for to clean at his best that blood, that slowly was falling on her cheeck.

From what we have could see, we had understand that among the two, she was the bravest, but she was even the most wishful of the attentions of Maltese, and each time he was touching the wound, she didn’t lament, but her face was wring, but she was remain in silence, and after the pain, she smiled to her beloved Malty who was continue to staring at her searching for other wound or bruises on her furry body.

We have looked at them and in someways we were looking ourselves .You have thrown a sweet glance toward them then immediately you have looked at me, and i tightened your hand, and i wanted be embraced by you in the strongest way.

Entered again in the pub, Rose have looked at the pub astonished, and she have not waste time to exclaim her surprise of how much beautiful  it was, and Rick going toward her, have cleared his throat thanked her.
Presenting himself, and proudly he said: “Everything you see here inside, is mine” and  flying, he taken Rose’ paw, and he accompanied her to the table next to the counter.

We sat next to her, waiting for that Rick with Maltese, had take the first aid box, and we have shared a quick but one of the most intense glance with her. In that look Rose, she wanted to tell us something that, perhaps, she did not want Maltese to hear.
We immediately nodded and, when Maltese returned, we let him heal  Rose, and when we got back to the counter, we shared the thoughtful gaze with Rick, who only later asked us: “What’s up!?”, he understood what our looks meant, and went back to look at Rose who was being treated from his Malty.

We have throw away all the air from the lungs, looking for to understand what was happening, or worst what have happened in that dimension from where, till now, have escaped Maltese and Rose, and for a quick instant we both have looked at Rose, and she have perceived our glance set on her, and she have looked at us, then she have got back to stare Maltese, and only at end she have whisper one phrase that, not even us would have wanted not hear. 

Maltese was dealing the Rose’bandage on her left paw. She left him end, and only when their glances met once again, after a sweet smile, she said: “I have to say you something”, and she have taken his both paws between hers.
In those seconds all the universe was turning around them, and our hearts have stopped to beat, and only after she have said: “They didn’t made it”,  seemed that a boulder have fallen inside the pub, and a metallic silence had wrapped everybody, while the two were looking at each other without speak. 

What Rose was looking at into his beloved Malty, was a changing that came from his bowels, and what she was staring at was like a transformation.
That tear that was falling from his face, was that latest part of his life that slowly gone away. 
Part of that life in which everything was perfect, and all was due.

With the sofest tone of voice, Rose have continued to explain what have happened, when he have been sucked by that light, and with the sweetest way she have described “their” fight  against that monster that we have could only figured, and in silence all that pub, have followed those whispers, and in our minds we have rebuilded everything.

Only after few sentences, we have understand that Maltese had lost his whole family, fighting against that monster.
“I  gave them even one of my weapon. They, even wounded him: he was bleeding, but he seemed strenghtening himself by those wounds, and the last time i seen them live..” she have left the phrase in suspension. Maltese  have not to need hear the continue. He knew how it was ended. 

At end, they have looked at each other profoundly, and Rose have tightened stronger the paw that she was keeping, and very slow, they have surfaced from that atmosphere, that they have been able to create. 
They, but above all Rose, have looked at us, as if it was the very first time, and with the same sweet tone of voice, she excused herself.
Approaching her, I put a hand on her shoulder: “You don’t have to apologize. Maybe we have to do it: we didn’t understand immediately what was happening. Maybe we could have done something.”

Rose have looked at me astonished for what i have said, and we have looked at each other for a second in silence, then she have smiled me and very slow, she have  said: “I believe you have made more than you imagine” and she thrown a glance toward that bright ring.”


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