– Interlude 24 –

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Entering in the pub, we had not think that the creature, we had rescued was waiting for other, and it have would not found him, and so he made us immediately understand it, but we could not re send him outside, so gently i have asked to a creature to go outside and stay here till the have would not found the creatures and for our friend it was simple accomplishing to this simple duty.
The piazza was totally empty, and see someone disoriented, for him was a guy game.
I thanked him, and i left him go.

You and Rick was accompaning that creature toward the counter, and you have made him sat on one of the stool in front. In a hurry Rick have placed himself on his special stools that it making him move faster from one side another, and he was preparing something that it would pull up a bit the new costumer. 

You were sitting next to him, watching him still trembling, and he was looking around with a little fear. His trembling was still that fear of having found himself inside that vortex of which, he did not know the true nature.

Scrutinizing him, Rick have passed him a glass of something indescribable, but that he have drunk all in a sip, and at end he have thanked him, and without ask, Rick have poured it another bit inside the empty glass. 
After drunk the second full glass, our new host, seemed got calm himself, and he have began to look at us one by one, and only when he have thrown away all the air from the lungs, he seemed no longer agitated, but ocassionally he thrown  some glimpse to the entrance, but i came closer to him, assuring that everything was ok, and i had sent one of the other outside. 

He have looked at me smiling. I gave the smile back, and only when i have brought a chair next to the stool and i sat, even the others till now wandering inside the pub, have found a place to sit.
He have looked at astonish the whole scene: seemed he wanted talk, but he have remained in silence. 
Those who have spoken have been me: “It’s weird, it seem that we  are livng here from long time, but we are here only from few days”. I have left those words in suspension, as if i wanted that he continue, but then he have looked at you, and you have continued: “As you, we have been projected in this dimension, and they were been them to welcomed us, but we are that have brought this light around the city” and delicately you have looked at me, taking my hand staring the ring, and gently you have presented all of us.

And Rick pouring another bit  of that liquid in the glass infront of him, he presented himself too: “My name is Rick” and he have stretched his thin and long paws to that creature who had the face look like a rabbit and his body was so  thin dressed by a black leather jacket without sleeves.

He was about to say his name, when outside the pub we have hear a scream and we had recognized  the voice of our friend who was warning that he had seen someone splashing out from a a sort black hole, and we have stared at the rabbit who have jumped down from the stool and he have ran out the pub, and he have looked our friend, who have indicated immediately where was the other creature, and he have ran toward who, was waiting for since when he have landed. 

“Rose! Rose are you ok?” he have helped her to stand up, while the female creature have touched herself head and when she have realized who had in front, she have jumped on his neck, screaming his name: “Malty!! What happened! Are you ok?”, they have looked at each other caressing.
We had to get used to everything, but when we have realized that she was a feline creature, we remained a bit surprise, but when he came closer to us, we already had forget, and with a big smile, he have presented her and finally he have presented himself too: Maltese, but then we have understand that only Rose had the right to call him Malty.”


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