Your embrace

From behind is the most beautiful sensation that i can feel, and those eyes set on me make me throw away all the air i have in body, and i can feel your whispers. I smile, and you know i never give up.
You have gave me that strenght. 
I looking at youi stragiht into those blue oceans, and i dive myself into your soul. The most beautiful i ever met in my life.

Sometimes i questioning myself if sometime you think  a bit to me, when i feel our electric shocks crossing our minds: i’m sure yes. 
And even you questioning yourself what are these feelings that you are feeling in these moments. 

Everything this is Our Parallel World, and our emotions that are turning round like crazy. 
They make us take the flight, and we are in front each other, while everything become the most beautiful place, surrounded by our feelings, and you are tightening me stronger, whispering my name, and i close the eyes, while your chest come closer to my back, and our souls touching.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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