-Interlude 20 –

At each thrust you was looking at me, and you was seeing how much i was enjoy myself, and each my moans, i could feel your desire becoming bigger, and i was keeping it inside me, and you was starting to beat your skin against mine always faster, and this noise was confusing itself with something always more wet, and was becoming the sexiest sound we have could hear.

At a certain point our moans have become whispers, and that sound, skin against other skin inside something of wet, have envelope our senses, and it have made us going crazy. Your desire inside me, your pelvis against my hips always faster, and that sound, it have made us  travel in another dimension staying in the apartment. 
You was mounting me, and i was getting always more wet, and your desire was penetreting me always more with ease. 

When our moans have become faster, and we were running out of breath, your thrusts have become a run against the time, and at the same time our hearts have exploded, inside one of the most beautiful orgasm in our life.

I had to close the eyes during those few long, slow seconds, because they have would splash out from the eye sockets, and in those seconds i didn’t have noticed that you have came out from me, but you have continued to make me enjoy with your hand inside. You have feel still feel the fast contractions that little by little, have become slower, and with the sofest tone of voice you have called me, saying: “Open the eyes. I want to look at you.”
And when you was still making me enjoy, i slow opened the eyes, and i have met your glance, and i was feeling your finger inside, i have bited my lips, looking at you, as if you wanted look at me explode once again.

You have waited for other seconds so, looking at me, while i was caressing your bare chest, and our sweet smiles chasing each other.  
When you came close to me, you had pulled out the finger, and you have whispered in an ear: “Again…?”
It was a question, that didn’t wanted the answer, and looking at straight into my eyes, with a shot dry you have penetrate me with that finger, and now your biggest desire was looking at me enjoy myself, hearing my moans, and to be that one who could have decide what to do or say. 

You was above me, our glances didn’t wanted stick off from each other, and that arm between my thighs, and that tool of pleasure was thrusting inside me. 
Sometime you went fast, sometime you went slow, and you have perceived when my contractions were at the limit, and a couple of time you have stopped, and in those instants i have believe to die, and just with the glance, i have asked you mercy and immediately after you have continued faster, and only when you have felt that i was get wet me more, you have looked at me and you have went faster till  you have felt your finger completely wet.

But my eager wasn’t ended, and i dared you, saying: “Again…” and you have looked at me astonished, but without say anything, this time you have penetrated me with delicatness, but been me to demand you to be fast, and so you have been, and in a couple of seconds i have reached the second orgasm of the same intesity, and at end, that heat that it was concentrated only in the pelvis, it have propagated in all my body, and slowly that tiny part among my thighs have became the centre of our universe.
You have perceived it, when after sweetly you have pulled out your finger outside.

After being looking at us each other in silence, we have smiled sweetly and you have enlarged your arms, and shyly i came closer to you, leaning my head on your bare chest, and slowly i have started to hear our hearts beat unison, and immediately after i  liftted my face toward you, and very gently you have leaned your lips on mine in a kiss so delicate, that i have thought to take the flight.”



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