-Interlude 19 –

We have sharing a general gaze to the other creatures around that table at which we have sat, but above all we have looked at Rick who was  still handling the monitor, but at end, have given a general look at everybody, and  finally he said:”We would have asking you others questions. We are so curious, but we know that you have to rest and get back in your apartement” and he given a quick look at the big clock  to the top of the counter, and giving a fast look to the others, the others themselves with a bit disagree, have nodded.

The thread-like creature got up from our table, and said: “We will have time to hear others stories, now you have to rest, and we have to rest too”, and those lastest words were for the youngest creatures who would have prefered spent all night stay hear even the minimal particulars, but the bigger had noticed that we were a bit tired.

I was leaned on your chest, and i was embracing you tight, even if  i was attempted don’t make see it around, my desire to stay alone with you, was the most wish that i wanted in those moments, and only your glance have made everybody understand that it was time to go, but you have promised that we have would return the next day.

And with all sweetnesss, you have sighed: “Let’s go!”, and only that gesture have made everybody comprehend, how much profound your love for me was. 
In that simple phrase, the simpliest one, there was a big love that it have would destroy every enemy of that universe, and in those glances, Rick, the thread like-creature, and the others creatures have understand that you have would do everything to protect me, and in my glance, they have found the total faith in everything you have would do. 

Even if we were still in that pub, surrounded by our friends, in those few seconds everything have vanished, and the creatures around us, were only fading shadows. 
When your eyes have met mine, everything around have become blurry, and the chatting of the creatures have become only a far buzzing.
Only when you have helped me to stand up, that magical atmosphere all of  sudden, have slow faded, and the faces of the creatures have appeared again, and i have looked at one by one, and in a thread of voice i have reply to you, taking one flap of your shirt that have come out from your jeans.

Seemed i fallen in a sort of trance, but it was only tiredness, and all those emotions, they have made me tossed around, and in reality they were all notions that we had learnt staying in that pub that have made me feel so eager for you, and despite all, you have perceived it, since when i leaned on your shoulder, while my hidden hand was sliding among your legs. 

Now, for real we had to stay alone, and only when we have came out, we have realized that it was deep night, and only on the sidewalk, you have looked at me in silence, and just for a couple of seconds you have placed yourself in front of me, and delicately you have tightened my hips, made me understand everything, and only when you have taken me between your arms, my glance didn’t have wanted stick off from your, and slowly one by one, those bottons went going unfastened, and my free hand was sliding inside your bare chest, and my sweet caresses, were making you going crazy.

Walking, your breath was increasing, and you have whispered my name many and many times, while i was looking at your expression changing from time to time.
A couple of times, you have had to stop, and  you have kissed me passionately, while the desire of both was growing  fast.
Only when we arrived in front of the rusty gate, you have put me down, and after open it, you have placed yourself in front of me and have started to caressed me, till stop you to grab the end of the skirt i had on, and you have started to lift it up till the hips, and you have begin moving away the panties, and looking for something wet between my legs. 
I have embraced  at your neck, while you was making me enjoy. I was at your mercy, but at certain point you have stopped, and with the fastest move you have opend the apartment, and we entered.

You have brought me upstairs and you have put me on bed, and you have lifted once again the skirt and you have snatched me the panties, and you have continued to make me enjoy, and finally i have could give vent to my moans, and only when i have been capable to unfastened your jeans, and pull down even the boxer, i have could feel, you were ready to penetrate me, and without any effort, we have become one only soul.”


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