– Interlude 18 –

We knew that she was talking about our souls, and what we feeling was the most important lymph that  we could give  to the those creatures, and only when she have brought our hands on her chest, the light inside of the ring have spreaded around the local, but morever she knew that for that evening, we had spent many energies, even if we had not do anything special, but unconsciously something special we had done.

Remembering all our friends, especially those who had lost their lives, for us have been very hard, but remember them, have been even a new step to enter in that that it would been our tthe new universe, and looking at the light in the ring, we remained astonished, because what we seeing, it was not only that magical purple light, but slowly among the starry sky, it was transforming itself  that pathway of  which we have talked few minutes ago.
We have looked at each other speechless, but immediately the mellifluous voice of that hypnotic thread-like creature, have woke us saying: “You have to take your time, there is no rush. What you are seeing is only the begin of the new journey that you will go accomplishing”,  and with the glance, we have looked at one by one and at end we met Rick who like the others creatures was nodding.

We have threw away all the air from the lungs, and when you have taken my hand, i almost jolted, and we have questioning everybody, but that question  was directed  to Rick and the mellifluous creature, who however didn’t knew how to reply, but in a sigh Rick have said: “He has been your ferryman for every your journeys. He will be continue to be your ferryman. I’m sure he will be tracing this new route, and when you will be ready, he will know how bring you there”.

They didn’t know how that process was working, but we have could see in their glance that curiosity, and without  waiting for, you have looked at me, and for a bit you have looked one by one the creatures around us, and with a soft smile you have started to describe that black hole in which we fallen the very first time.

“It have been like enter in a vortex, where the initial thrust have made splashed out our souls from our bodies,  while we were push in ahead. It was like stay in the space but inside a precise tunnel. We had not see anything, but our emotions were at maximum, and the only anchors were our hands”, and in that instants we have looked at each other, and for a long moment, we have remebember the love we have made during that journey, and our hands tightened themselves stronger.

In that first journey we found ourselves naked, and  that act of love has been a real necessity, to feel ourselves alive and have the awareness of what was happening, and immediately has got back in mind that sensation of our hands on our bodies, and sweetly your hand have tightened delicately my hip, and i have leaned myself on your chest, closing for a moment the eyes, savouring the instant in which someone  have would say: “We let them go. They have to rest”, but that phrase didn’t ever arrive. 

Only when you ended to describe the final thrust and the great speedness, everybody seemed more interested, and many have looked at Rick who knew what they wanted, so Rick have taken again the monitor, and this time have turned it on with ease, and he pushed some bottons to the side the small monitor, and he have put it in front of us, and we remained breathless.

Till now we had seen what happen inside the tunnel, but we didn’t know what happen beyond.
For the very first time, we have realized that, as we saw a blinding spot enlarging itself always more, from the other side, colors like those inside the ring, have begining turn quickly, and that vortex was about to be sucked from the opposite side, and in those few seconds everything was transforming.

And only when Rick have turned off the monitor he said: “We don’t know how it will be the next journey, but each time we saw that spiral, we knew that you was about to enter in a new dimension, and we knew how prepare you to know everything, even this”, and he turned toward the thread-like creature who was nodding.
Without add anything, we have looked at each other, and we have tightened our hands, throwing away the air from the lungs. 
We only hoped to be at highness to exceed the new adventures that we have would to face up to.”


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