– Interlude 17 –

You was looking at that monitor with still in mind all the remembers you had have with HIM, in that dimension.

You had seen once again HIM, your imaginary friend since you was a child, and that last remember it had devastated you.
I wanted say something, but i knew it was useless. After have looked at you, i have stared Rick, in waiting for that something could shake your status.
I knew that see once again HIM through that monitor would have shocked you.
I could have see in your glance something that went beyond a special freindship. 

You had created HIM to fulfilling an empty in your childhood.
And  just in those second i have see with you, that precise moment in which HIM have been killed, and that it had no need of the monitor of Rick. 
Through you eyes we both have seen that terrible scene, and immediately after you have look down, and i have taken your hands in mine. I have only whispered your name, and i have waited for that your glance met mine once again.
Slowly that sweet glance lifted, and have delicately smiled you and in the sweetest way possible, i have attempted console you.
“We have to remember HIM, as he would wished: as your faithful friend, a brave creature and now more than ever, our ferryman: have been HIM brought us here. He have wanted brought us in the most peaceful place: our dimension.”

Rick and the others were listening to my words, and they were nodding, as if their gesture were important. 
With the corner of the eye, i have could see them. 
Unconsciously, they have helped me much.
Settling better you have looked at the hands first, then your glance have dived itself into mine, and our hearts have begun to beat unison, then with a thread of voice you said: “You are fantastic!” and you have kissed the hand that was held your. 
Then you have lifted the eyes toward that group of creatures, and clearing your voice: “Since when i was a child HIM have been my imaginary friend, and seeing him in flesh and bones, in that dimension for me have been a wonderful shock, but then seeing him wounded, has been another shock, and only seeing him so weak on that sofa, some part of me has died with HIM. Seeing him once again on that monitor, it have opened my mind to many remembers, but i know that has been his will to brought us here, and now it’s only thank to HIM that we are here.”

You have would liked to say many other things on HIM, but you have stopped, and have looked at me, sweetly smiling you came closer to me, and only when our foreheads touched, you have repeated me how much fantastic i was kissing my neck, and our hands were tightening once again.

In those few hours we had  crossed once again many of our crucial point of  our adventures, and we had set free even those emotions that we had forget to feel. Feelings that we had absorbed, but that we weren’t been capable  examine deeply, and only in that dimension we had really understand. 
Even the creatures less inclined to the approach, came closer, and seemed they wanted let us know that they understanding that moment.
And only when te thread-like creature have approached to us, we have looked at each other, and we have understood the reason of that dimension.

We had to still cross a long pathway to put the word END to this. We had to recover ourselves from all those  things we have done, and above all understand which was our part in that dimension in which we threw ourselves, replying to that simply question that HIM had made us as soon found us in that first dimension, from where have started everything, till arrive  at this terminus.

“This is the first stage you have to take, but look inside the ring, that universe is the new beginning. This is the new beginning of your new awareness. In what we have seen, we have understood a lot about you.
You carry in one of the most important things that keep everything going on” and said this the thread-like creature, came closer to us and she have taken our both hands, and she have brought them to her greenish chest, and without add anything, our hearts have started to beat stronger.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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