– Interlude 16 –

Those emotions have enveloped everybody, and when your hands break away from my face, i have shy smiled and i have tried compose myself once again, while all glances of those creatures were set on me. 

I have looked at Rick, as if i  had to excuse myself with him first, but he have came closer to me, and said: “It’s normal you have reacted so.” and he have  delicately touched me, and smiling him i turned toward everybody, and each of them, with their own smile have made me understand their compreheding.
Rick then, have passed me another glass of what they have called beer, but it wasn’t beer.
You was next to me checking that big emotion was passed, and i was recovering. 
You had my hand in your, and your glance was straight inside mine, and without say anything, you was asking me: “Are you ok?”,and after a couples of seconds, i nodded, and your gaze went toward the ring, then at Rick.

Rick was slowly compreheding something more about us. He have wanted be sure, and he waited for, staring us.
We were still astonish where we landed, and we had only get to used to that new dimension, where  everything was running, if we have could say so, at our rhythm, and not the contrary. 
The creatures, among them a little dwarf and an Ogre, were in waiting like us, of something that was being born in our head: a simple thought, but that it was so complicated to pull it out.

We knew to have all the time, but inside of us there was still that rush against the time that had charaterized all adventures, above all the last one. But only have looked at Rick and the thread-like creature, you have looked at me and at the same, you have formulate that question, then we both have looked at him, and Rick with a soft smile on his black face, have reply: “I was sure that question would come out”, and taking the flight, he went to the counter, and he took a sort of monitor and he placed it on the table in front of us.

 For a couple of second that monitor seemed turned off, and we everybody have started to stared it. 
Some murmurs underlining that was not anything happening. Even us, have looked at Rick, who seemed the only have faith, and was smiling, in waiting that it was turning on. 
Only few minutes later, we have looked at each other, and immediately it have turned on, while the ring was marking our heart beat that was growing quickly, and in the monitor were mirroring our figures, and Rick, with the other creatures, have lifted their faces from the small monitor, and they have looked at us who were remained speechless.

Without asking any questions or answering, we had seen how they witnessed all our actions, and looking at me, Rick have nodded, and i have immediately understand only the very important things were visible in that monitors, and looking at you captured by that small screen, i blushed and i have beckon at Rick, understanding that our moments of intimacy were only ours.

You was still looking at that monitor speechless, because with simple gestures, you was seeing some of the moments of those many adventures we had faced up to, and you have stopped in the precise moment in which you have collected HIM wounded and we had brought him at our apartment. 
That scene, that you woud have never forget, was flowing through that monitor, and through that monitor you have could feel still the flutter of the white vest of HIM that were softly touching your arms and your legs, and that remember has been one of the latest moment in which HIM was still alive. Through that monitor you have could hear his guttural sounds, and this time everybody have looked at you in silence, because they knew the importance of HIM in all what has happened next. 

That fluttering image has been one of the most struggling that you have lived, and seeing it, have make you bleeding once again. 
Despite HIM was became our ferryman through all those dimension, and we have could hear his presence through his guttural sounds, it was not the same thing, as seeing him through that monitor. 
When that latest image faded, you have pulled ahead the monitor toward Rick who have turned it off, staring to you in silence.”


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