– Interlude 15 –

At the words of Rick, we remained in silence and we have looked at everybody, and they have nodded, and after a big murmurs among those creatures, one voice have come out and really slowly one creature have made itself space among the others, and with a mellifluous voice have begun to speak.

“Many  of us, those have given the way of all this, have  followed you in each steps you have done. Some of  us have cried with you to the news of the death of Rob, of how he have sacrified himself to save the other creatures…” and to those words our hearts have stopped for a while, and in our mind like a flashback we have relived that moment, that dream, and million of emotions have crossed our mind, and the more that thread-like creature have continued to speak, everybody seemed enchanted by her words, and we were breathless for how many things we had done, without never stop ourselves. 

In her silky tone of voice, we had seen once again, all those creatures that we had helped, and the more she was speaking, the more we realizing that we had given body and soul, and it was, even arrived the time to find ourselves once again, to find again our roots, and maybe remember how we have met us, and relive those emotions so important for us.
But now there was a question that was hammering our heads, and when we have looked at each other, we knew that we were thinking to the same thing.

Our stomach it have closed itself remembering the sacrifice of Rob, and Will the Wheel and the other creatures have opened our hearts to the only question that we have not ever asked to anyone, because we haven’t had  the time to ask it.
And now that we were landed in that peaceful place, without think to other things, with a bit of hesitation, we have looked at Rick first then our story-teller, with that question that have could be read in our faces, without opened the mouth.

Everybody around us, were looked at Rick a bit overwhelmed by our demand. Our  question was the simpliest that we have coud do, but even the most difficult for who had to give a reply.
We have looked at each other, then you have said: “I know, it’s an impossible question. It was only a curiosity. Now that in those dimensions reign the calm, we wanted see them once again, and not only that dimension that she have named”. Ending, you have taken my hand, and our gazes met once again and slowly we have throw away the air from the lungs, hoping that someone could reply, but none had the answer that we wished. 

Rick was looking at us with regret, but then we were so sorry to have to have put in awe him and the rest of the creatures, and i have said: “Forget what we have said. You have, already, done much for create this dimension, and we ask other, we are so stupid, excuse us.” and i have caressed Rick who have beated his small transparent wings, and he have smiled us.

Now all the creatures, even the more shy, were next to us, and they wanted know some particulars of our adventures, and some questions have came out from the creatures who hadn’t spoken all the time, and many of them was ask us if in certain moments we had have fear. We have looked at each other and often we had reply at unison, using the same sentences, making jolt our interlocutors.
“Surely yes”, and you have described one of the bloody fight we had faced up to together Blue Paw,  tracing back the Rob’s fight, and everything got back in mind with a crazy ease. 
And for a bit, we remained in silence, remembering all those strong emotions, and saluting in our mind all those creatures of that dimension, above all Big Black, Salamander, and the wise Will the Wheel.

In someways, talking about our all adventures, we were accomplishing to our desire, and the more our new friends asking us something new, the more we were looking at one by one all those creatures that we had helped. And every those emotions that were wrapping us, were even enveloping also everybody in that pub.
Remembering that dimension, some tears fallen from my face, and delicately you have tightened my hand.
Sweetly then you have dry that tear, coming closer to me, you have kissed me. I threw away all the air from the lungs, then i touched your tiny mole, nodding.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐– Interlude 14 –

*if you  want read the tale  that i naming in this one  click here


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