– Interlude 14 –

We wanted asked many questions to Rick, but when he brought our glasses, he seemed him more interested on my ring, and really slow i stretched my hand toward him, and he seemd appreciate the gesture, and with a soft tone of voice you have said: ” We have tried to take off it, but…. “. In a first moment Rick seemed don’t hear what you was saying him, but after examined it, he have lifted  his small and dark face toward us, and shaking the head, he  exclaimed: “No! Never do that!” and then he have looked at us with wide eyes open. 
“We have realized of that. We came out to check if everything was ok. When  we wanted checked it better, right after ,we have hear those clashes and  some stars has fallen…” i said looking at that small creature who was still staring the ring, as if he was looking at the most important thing of his life

Rick was still in silence, admiring that jewel from my finger. and we have could understand him.
In front of him, there was the whole universe of that dimension in which he was living, and those purple colors were the same colors of the sky that he had seen many times.
We didn’t know him, but it seemed us that he was moved, and keeping my hand still in his thin paws, all of sudden, he have looked at us very serious, and said: “This ring contains the most beautiful feeling of the world, and it have created this place”-  he have indicated all that – “it’s your dimension”. 

It seemed that it was the very first explanation that we had heard since when we landed there: since when HIM have brought us there. We arrived at the same conclusion few hours ago, but  have the confirmation from a creature never seen before, it have, further left us speechless.
We have looked at him still dazed, and slowly we have turned, and our glances met, and in a blink, all those questions that were crossing our mind, all of a sudden, vanished.

There, in that dimension, we have could only find the tranquillity, our deserved peace, without think to solve  mysteries or fight against other creatures who wanted only create confusion.
And while Rick was still speaking about that dimension, from that isolated city, little by little were came out other creatures who have been get curious by the voice of Rick that resounding in the piazza, and slowly they have take a look inside that pub, and with sweet gestures, Rick have invited them enter in. 

We have  looked at one by one, and it seemed that for someone was the very first time that entered in that pub.
Some murmurs have described their astonishement, and some of them remained in silence, looking at us, and only one creature, a baby creature, have  came closer to us, and it have wanted be taken in arm by me, and gently i taken it, searching for among the new creatures, someone who may be his parents, but none of them have pay attention to that gesture, so i have looked at that baby creature, who delicately have started to examine me first, then it have got curious by your moustaches, and at end, said: “How much beautiful you are!” and it have caressed my face once again, and i caressed him, and when my hand have touched him, immediately the baby creature have noticed the ring and he have started to stared what was turning inside, and little by litle he have recognized  all the small stars inside of it, then he have asked Rick something that have left us speechless.
“It’s from this that we have seen everything?” 

It was a thing that Rick wanted explain us with all calm, but the baby creature was waiting a quick reply, and he was looking at him with those big eyes. For that baby creature, it was enough a simply “Yes” or “not”, and now even us were curious to listen his reply, and Rick was looking at us, almost excusing himself, he replied to that simply question with a dry: “Yes!” And astonished, we have looked at each other, then we have stared the ring, searching for to understand what Rick wanted meant, but there was no anything complicated to understand.

When Rick have started to explain us, everybody came closer to us and have begin to hear what he had to say us. 
“This is not a simple ring: since when you have brought it for her that mormnng, it have started to create a magical universe, and it have recorded each important steps you have done: each fight, each victory, each loss you had have, it have been projected in this last dimension, and  we have made all the possible to create the most peaceful place you have need in this moment.” 

When he ended, i have looked at you, and like in a flashback, i relived the precise moment in which you have gave me that ring, and my eyes got wet, i tightening your hand, i have looked at the ring and i whispered your name once again, and in a moment, seemed everything was vanish, and we were back in the apartment. 
I have sighed your name, and our glances met, and everything have started turn slow..”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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