– Interlude 13 –

Got prepared ourselves we went downstairs, and we went in front of  the door of the aparment and with a bit of hesitation we have looked at each other and together we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and really slow you have opened that door that was divide us from that dimension still unknown.

In your glance there were words that you would have say, but you had not enough oxygen to pull them out.
You have would wanted say: “Are we sure to make this?”
By now it was only our choose.

When i have taken your hand, your glance fallen on my hand, and only when i said: “It’s time”, our glances met once again, so you have beckon, and have inserted the key in the keyhole, and you have turned it.
Only when it have turned it inside the keyhole, and it have made the first click, we have jolted. 
At the second turn, we have nervously smiled, and at the third and final one, we have throw away all the air from the lungs: the door was opened, it was enough to pull down the handle and pull, and we would be dived in that new dimension, in which we had to still discover everything.

We were still inside the building, and from inside we have could see the rusty gate: the last borderline from which we could got back, or go straight on. 
Inside in those few meters we could feel us still in safe: in someway embrace by something familiar, but beyond that thin line, there was a dimension in which we were abut to enter and know.
We tightened the hands, and reached the gate, we have looked at beyond, and it seemed  everything how we had always remember it: the dark alley bad lit with in front the great brick drab wall, at our left a vast unexplored land behind a smaller brick wall with a great grid that reached the height of the big brick wall in front of the building.

When we have exceeded the gate, something strange have enveloped us, but we knew what it was.
They were those new sensations that that city it was transmitting us: those new vibrations that, in their own way, welcoming us. 
We were crossing that dark alley in silence, hand in hand, and ocassionally we both were looking at the ring, checking that everything was ok.
Exceeded the alley, we stopped, and it seemed the piazza was empty: anybody around.
Everything was remained how we had left it, but the only different thing was that silence that wrapping the neighborhood.

We have looked at us around breathless, but not astonished. We knew that there were somebody who were observing at us, but we didn’t wanted force any approach.
We have decided enter in that pub, and see what it would happened. As we have imagined even inside, there was anybody, not even at the counter.

It seemed a isolated city: our city, but we were sure that it was only appearance, and behind that great silence that was swallowing everything, there was something else, and maybe that something it had to take familiarity with those new two indetities.

We looked around, and you made me sit at a table by the counter, as you walked behind it, and taking two glasses, you asked me what I wanted to drink, but only when I asked for a beer, we have hear to a little voice saying: “Don’t touch anything! Here I do everything!”, and out of nowhere it appeared a tiny flying creature that seemed in difficulties with all those pieces bigger than him, but it was only our opinion: he was moving with agility among glasses and bottles, and with a forced gentleness has asked you to sit and wait. 

With a smile printed on face, you have obey, and you have looked at me straight into my eyes.
When the small flying creature have came with our orders, we have thanked him, and at end he presented himself: “I’m Rick…” Rick was about to add something else, but when he have seen the ring on my finger, he have looked at me first then you, and he remained speechless, enchanted, then he have looked at us once again, without add anything, he only smiled, and gently we have smiled him back.”


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