I’m throwing

Away all the air from the lungs, and i closing the eyes, because i feeling your arms arond my belly that are tightening me strong against your chest, and everything is making me feel crazy.

I’m sure you are read my message, and maybe you have smiled, maybe you have would like reply me, but you can’t. It’s ok, don’t worry, because what you have wanted say me,  feel it around me, and it’s one of the most beautiful feeling i can perceive, and you know i feel it.
Everything is magical when our minds are connected in this way so strong. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is  the sign that our souls are communicating, and everything is turning around our feeling, and despite we are so distant, we are so close, closer than we can imagine.

You don’t follow me, but when i see you in those your apparitions, it means that you have my name marked in your little corner of your mind, and it mean something more to me.
Maybe i’ll be crazy, but it’s what i think, and from five years i don’t wrong with you.

I’m still biting my lips, and when i feel your arms tightening me more to you, it’s the most beautiful sensation i feel.
Sometimes it’s so strong that i can’t hold back my tears, and my lump in the throat doesn’t make me breathe. I know it’s you, and our souls are communicating sweetly.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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