– Interlude 12 –

That light inside the ring was reflecting in the sky, and what we were feeling was one of the biggest sensation, and those electric shocks that we were about to forget, were starting to wrapping us in all their simply beauty, and slowly that conviction that was  being born in our mind, it was making itself always more present and persistent.

Minute by minute, we have conviced us to cross that heavy and grey door, and see what we had to wait for once come out from that rusty gate.
We had seen the power had the ring in that dimension, and now we had not only think about us, maybe we had understand that we had a wide scope for action, and manage better every situation. 
We have looked at each other, and unison we have throw away all the air we had in body, and so we have decide to prepared ourselves and come out. 

Since when we arrived in our apartement, we had not think see what was in cupboard.
What we had on was enough, and sometimes it was even too much, but now we had to see if we had  another dresses to wear, and uncosciously we knew, that we would pass other unforgettable moment. 
In that dimension, even choose what wear, seemed  one of  trascindetal thing that we could do.
And before to went upstair, our glance met, and shyly we smiled, almost blushing.
With your soft voice, you said: “Come” and gently you have stretched your hand, and i taken it, and you have helped me to stand up. 
For a bit we remained in front one another, and our hearts have began to beat a bit stronger, and that light inside the ring, have started to bright more.
We have looked at it, then we have keep our hands tights and gently you have taken me among your arms, and we went upstairs. 

We had to, only check what was in the cupboard, if there were other clothes, but it was transformed in one of the delicatest moment since when we ended there.
There were two or three couples of clothes for both, and without have agreed, you have choosed what i would have wear, and i have choose what you have would put on, and after taken the new dresses, each of us, have started to take off what had the other.

Gently you have take off my shirt, slide it over my shoulders, and i did the same with your satin shirt, and at same time those shirt fallen on the floor, and the soft rustle of those clothing that was merging one with another, have made us stop the heart, and for a shortest time we have thought at the worst, and immediately we have stared the ring, but it seemed normal, on the contrary that small universe was full of new colors, and those lights were high in the sky outside the window.
We stopped ourselves, taking again breathe.
I had still my hands on your shoulders, and your on my hips.

Everything was going so slow, but it what we have need, and even if we had comprehend almost everything, think that a whole dimension went at our rhythm was magical, but at the same time, was a crazy thing.
Our hearts have begun to beat fast, and at end we have looked at each other, and without think much, we ended to dress ourselves.

We could not continue follow our more intimate feelings: we would not ended nowhere, and with a quick glance, you have fastened my shirt and i your, but in that glance there was a lastet desire of  a kiss, that have became true only when your soft voice have said: “Come closer”, and delicate i have slide my hand inside your shirt, and your hands have taken my hips firmly.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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