– Interlude 11 –

Those light have enchanted us always more, and we  weren’t able to stick off the glance from that purple sky, and its small stars that were dancing without end, and two of them had catched our attention. 
They were a bit bigger than others, and seemed that the smaller were following them in their run

For a bit we remained atonished looking at them, and we remained dazed more when we have found them again in the small universe inside the ring. 
Our hearts have begun to beat unison, and what we have seen in the sky have left us without the breathe.
With the increasing of the beat of our heart, those two stars have began to run faster, and the run seemed go crazy.
With passing  of the time, we have stopped to reflect, but there was few on reflect on.

We knew what was happening, and what those stars were in that sky of that dimension, but we certainly didn’t want to think about it, also because we wouldn’t been able to explain in words what our souls had processed in seconds, but we could only say few words aligned: “Those, it’s us”. 
You have tighthened me more to you, while we were still looking at them, they starting run slow, now that the adrenaline inside us was vanishing.

In silence, you have accompanied me toward to the sofa, and only with a glance i questioning you, and without that any words came out from my mouth, you have replied: “It’s everything possible”, and you have taken my my hand and together we have  stared the ring and the universe inside of it.
It seemed it was the very first time the we attended to a weird thing like that. 
Instead we were remained speechless, misterously fascinated how our love was big as much to lead the bigger stars in sky, going at our rythm, and maybe rule some other misterous thing of that universe.  

Processed this, we wanted understand many other things, but without anybody who could explain us the rest,we have began to look at the ring, and for study it better i was about to take off it from my finger, but when it was almost out of my last phalanx, inside the small universe, inside and outside the ring was about to unleash something that looked like a storm in which everything could be destroy.
The stars, that before were chasing ours, fallen on the ground, and their lights were like lightenings, and before that something could hurt somebody outside, you have said: “Don’t take off it!” And really slowly, you have made slided it once again in my finger.

From that small gesture we had understand that literally we had a small world in our hands, and this have scared us a bit.
You have looked at outside the big window, and it seemed that everything got back normal, and none strange noises, or helping demand was unleashed in those few seconds that the ring was about to come out from my finger.
And now, when our glances met once again, there was only one thing that we were asking us.
Were were  for real ready to do that step? 
We weren’t but we had to be sure that in those seconds, in somewhere else none, hadn’t have some problems.

HIM, have gave us that opportunity to live some of our beautiful moments in our apartment, regain our total intimacy and something more, but now that we had seen the magical power of that ring, we had to sure that in that dimension was everything ok. 
And you have got back look at the sky, and those big stars were got back to be surrounded by the smaller, and their light seemed brighter, and when your heart have started to beat strong, the interioral light of one of them have started pulsing more.

And only when you gently touched my hand, and showed me that star, did my heart begin to beat too, and slowly the light inside the nearby star also began to slowly beat faster.
We looked at each other and together we looked at the ring on my finger.”


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