-Interlude 10 –

We were looking at us breathless for what we were seeing inside the ring.
It was a new light that was merging with that one, already existing.
Even if  we knew the answer, in our eyes there was that question, and it was make us beat strong our hearts.
“That wild love we had made, was opening us other dimensions?”

Silently, we were asking us that question without stick off the glance one from another, and we had fear to listen the reply, even if it was the only possible answer that we given ourselves

Slowly we came out from that atmosphere from which, sincerely we didn’t wanted to come out. The orgasm sensations were still running throughtout our body, even if, by now, was only an our desire to feel  still that great explosion inside us.
We were cuddling us, still on that rug embraced, and another question that was running in our mind was: “Were we sure that we were got back in our apartment or was it an illusion of our minds? Or it was Him that have wanted make us believe it?”

Real or not, it was the only place that it belonging to us, and it was the only place in which our souls have been reunited, even in a spiritual way.
Those questions making themselves space between sweet glances and delicate caresses. and ocasionally, we have stared the only part of that big open space that it would could give us a quick answer to each questions we were making us. 
That heavy and grey door. 
Now it was enough to look at the ring at my finger, and those lights, beyond the rhythm of our hearts, were the most beautiful things that we were looking at, while our hands softly touching our bare skin.

“It will be HIM, to let us know when we will be ready. Don’t think about it. Real on not, now we are in our apartment. Let’s think only to us” you said.
And with those sweet words, you have unfastened one botton more of your shirt, and delicately you have made me slid my hand  inside of it. 
I threw away that small air i had in the lungs, and i laid my head on your chest, and like if you wanted protect me , you have tightened me to you more. 
Gently i have kissed your chest, and for an instant each of us have thought to different things from the other, but immediately after, like in our crossroad, we have met again, and sweetly we have smiled.

Then you got up and gently you have help me to stand up, and with a soft: “Come with me”, we  approached to the big window, and from behind you have support me, embracing me the belly. 
We remained to stare the starry sky. 
That night was one of the most beautiful we had seen. The stars seemed chasing each other, and the colors seemed mirroring the little universe inside the ring. 
We have looked it breathless. I have sighed your name, and you have tightened me more to you. 
I have could hear your chest against my back, as much  you was taking again breath.

We haven’t realized that that light came from the ring and it was projecting it in the sky.
Only in that instant,  we have understood, staying alone and making love, we had exceeded that invisible borderline, and only us, we had the right decided if  open that grey door, and see what it was beyond that rusty gate. 

We have looked at each other breathless. 
For what we had understand, we were already in the new dimension, but now we could decide when come out, and perceive in what situation we were ended.
Slowly, we turned, and only in those instants we have stared that grey heavy door at our shoulders.

I looked at you deeply, and you have embraced me strong, like for assuring me that we would go out when we would been ready. And maybe we still not were not, we still wanted stay alone.”


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