– Interlude 9 –

I was lose myself in your eyes; that silky sensation was crossing throughout my fingers, and you left me do everything i wished, while your glance  was set on me, and without say anything, you was saying everything what you was feeling for me.

This time i was that leaded the game.
As if by magic, my shirt have vanished, and the flap of your satin shirt was caressing my body, and i was enjoy, while you was waited for my orders, and only when everything have become delicate, slowly i have opened the legs, and i taken your free hand and i have guided it till the hips, while you was looking at me, eager of touch the most intimate part of me, but i have made you wait for still a moment.

I wanted that everything was perfect, and it was missing the most important thing. 
That satin shirt that slowly was sliding over your shoulders, and only when i whispered you: “Come closer” and our lips touched, i have made fallen slow that satin shirt over your arms, and sweetly i guided your hand in the middle of my legs, and with a such rough passion, you have begun to penetrate me,  while our glances were straight into  each other, and while you have started that game, at each your thrust always more wildly passionate, through my eyes, almost i was asking you pull out you wildest side, and make me feel almost violated.

You have looked at me astonished, but you knew that i was accomplishing a desire of both, above all in that situation, and so that game have become faster and faster and the first orgasm have sliding throughtout your fingers, then without fear, you have enlarged more my legs and with one of the roughest thrust you have penetrated me, taking the hands and blocking me, you have start thrust yourself  inside me always more and always faster. 

My moans, from soft have became louder, and our kisses have become always wildest, and as much you was enjoy yourself, some saliva have fallen from your mouth, and it have got wet my face, and you have looked at me when you was about to reach the orgasm, our glances didn’t wanted stick off one from another, and when your thrusts have become faster, you have reached it, and i have reached my second one.

You was still thrusting inside me, but at each thrust your rhythm was disincreasing, and only when the contractions slowly vanished, you  have stopped and we have looked at each other. I delicately have taken the satin shirt and i have pulled you toward me, and i dived myself in those two blue oceans that were your eyes, biting my lips, then you and in a whisper you said: “You have been fabolous, all this have been fabolous”, while i was touching your chest, feeling your heart got calm itself.

We didn’t wanted move ourselves from that rug, and so we remained laid there, i don’t know how long.
We were looking at each other, while even the smallest particles of our body get connecting each other, and everything seemed restart from  that exact moment in which we have seen the ring that was projecting a wonderful light inside the apartment. 
It seemed a new costellation. 
A costellation born from the love we had made.”


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