– Interlude 8 –

Sweetly we broke away, and we smiled. Everything around was perfect, above all us and our glances that didn’t wanted stick off  each other, and  hypnotized like two magnets, we were breathing unison, while our glances made slow movements. 

Delicately i settled better the satin shirt on your shoulders, and when you have take my hand then you have placed on your heart, everything it stopped once again, while the ring was brightening more.
Unconsciously, we knew that  with even the smallest breathe, were amplifying  what we had buildt till now.
Everything was changing remaining the same, and everything was start from us.
In that aparment we were reborn in all the senses, and those nervous laugh were the dimostration that we had need still to stay alone.

Embraced, you have wanted see the ring, and sweetly you have taken my hand kissing it first, and together, we remained astonished. 
Now inside the amethyst, was there clearly visible a small universe turning, and after a minute you have said: “This is our. Everywhere it is take us, it’s only ours.” and then you have waited for my glance turning toward your, and then with a shy smile, you have said: “Come closer”  then our lips touched.

It were passed many hours since we got back in the apartment, maybe one day and half, even if for us seemed passed an eternity, and however we had to eat something, so, like the very first days, you have decided went down, but this time i didn’t wanted remain alone in bedroom, and neither you. 
Our closeness was the most important thing, in that phase of transition. 
Like each time, you have taken me among your arms, and in that short pathway, the only things we stared, were our eyes.

The apartment was like we had remember it, and in someway on that sofa we had seen  still the baby troll and the other else creatures of one of the latest adventure we had  faced up to, but now, nobody couldn’t disturb us.
I was looking at me around, and slowly i savouring once again the intimacy that was there  among those walls, while you was behind that table preparing something fast, and when you was ready, your smile have illuminated the big room, and in a whisper you have said: ” Let’s go”, and blushing i have smiled you. 
All that intimacy was charging us and it was really magical, and even if in our deep we were asking ourselves when we would be ready for a new adventure, but we were thinking that that one was the most beautiful one: only us in that apartment, in that dark alley. 

Even if, in those hours we could live by air, you have prepared something, and despite you had taken all the necessary to eat it, at last you have said me to wait before start, and you came closer to me, have made me understand to make you space between the sofa and me. 
When you sat behind me, you have embraced me strong for a minute, and only when i felt you held back the breathe then throw it away, i closed the eyes, feeling your chest against my back, a shiver crossed it.

And just when you have whispered my name, i have open again the eyes, and our glances met, and when i noticed that you had in hand what you had prepared and you was about to feed me, my heart  is literally exploded. 
And only when you have feed me, that gesture have become one of the sexiest, and so, even i have started to feed you at the same way. 
We ended to eat only because our bodies were asking it us.

But immediately after, you have moved away the little table, and looking at me deeply you have leaned me on the floor, and slowly i slid once again my hand inside that soft shirt, while you came closer to me, almost to soft touch my lips ajar, but you have sighed my name before kiss me, and  that great desire to make love, have wrapped us once again.”



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