– Interlude 5 –

You have turned when have heard me, and have started looked at me, and those sensantions have began to wrapping delicately our beings, and like the very first night in that apartment, you have spent all your time watched me while i was sleeping next to you.

You have left my hand enter inside your shirt for caress your chest without effort, and when my fingers have caressed your nipples, unconsciously you have closed the eyes, and those caress have taken you very far, and when you have re-opened them, gently you have moved away a a tuft of hair from my face, and while you was looking at me, you was questioning yourself, in which of kind of dream i was ended, and maybe you knew it well. 

Those great emotions were chasing each other, and now came out from you were about to enter inside me, and that sweet whisper of mine was the proof that we were reliving the same experience. 

Behind the wooden curtain, sat in front of that round table, when accidentally my glance fallen on that liquor showcase, and i have met your gaze, for a couple of seconds our souls were intertwined each other, then they escaped way, to return to who they belonged.
My heart has began to beat like a jackhammer. 

In those eyes, i had seen something more than a simple glance: a sort of kindness that i didn’t ever seen in anybody else.
A rare sensibility that till that moment i had not found in any man i have met. Sensibility that i have could see in those eyes, in that delicate smile you had on face, when you perceived my eyes set on you.
Just in those seconds something magical was being born, but the more it was growing around, the more i had to escape from there. 

Almost, as if someone pointed a gun behind my back, i have asked bill, and paid the barman, i used the service door to come out from that bar. 
Closed the door behind my shoulders, i have leaned on it for a long instant. As if i had ran a marathon i had to take again breath. 
Millions of new sensations were  wrapping me, and i didn’t undertand what was happening inside me.
If i closed the eyes, the only thing that my mind was make me see were your sweet eyes, and my heart didn’t stop to beat like a crazy.

I was crossing that long and dark aisle with its rythmical screams followed by puffs of steams, hoping that it could sweept away that  sensation that slowly, it was swallowing me inide an unknown twirl, but it was only a vain hope.
When i exceeded that dark aisle, and i entered in that blue descent aisle, i have could feel a soft punch in the stomach and i had to stop myself for a moment, throwing away all the air from the lungs, i leaned with hand on the wall, and slowly i got calm me.
Only when my heart have reprise to beat normally i looked at me around as if there were someone, but that aisle wasn’t frequented by anybody, and slowly i got back in my desolate room. 

When i have been in front of the door of my tiny apartment, i held back the breathe, then when i opened the door, and finally entered i threw it away. 
I sat on the edge of bed, and for a moment i remained to listen the buzz outside the small window.
The lastest costumers were saluting  Bill, and  only when i have heard the shutters closing i have closed the eyes for a short of time, and  only when a beam of the moon entered, and it have illuminated all that white room, i have re- opend them, my glance have placed itself on that small leather bag that was always on that small round furnitire next to desk, close to the window.

Since i moved in that small apartment, i didn’t have feel the need to open that little bag, but that evening something stronger, made me taken it. 
I settled on that small chair in front of the desk, and holding back the breathe, i have pulled out the first rune.
Algiz. Protection.
The second one.
Raido. Journey.
At this rune my heart have started once again to beat a little fast.
I was missing the third, and last one. 
For to be sure, i have shaked more that little bag, and when i have taken the third rune, i didn’t wanted see what have came out, but slowly i have opened the fist, and when i seen it, i widened my eyes, and my heart has started to beat like crazy jackhammer, and i replaced all the three runes inside the small leather bag, and i placed it on the small furniture close the window, and i went bed. 
I had to try get calm myself. 

The moon was high in the sky and her beams were enter in that white small room, surrounding with her pale light the small leather bag. 
I have stared that little bag, looking for don’t think to that third and last one stone.
I laid on mattress and i embraced the pillow.
Slowly i fallen asleep.

Gebo was the third and last one stone.
The union of two souls.”


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