I have to

Throw away all the air i have in body, because i’m feeling your closeness make itself stronger, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing despite our distance, but  everything is so close. 
I wear again the ring, and magically everything is vanish. 
Even with with these things, that i have wanted bonded with you, have became magic.

Everything is so strange magically. I feel your soft embrace around my belly, and i can feel your soft voice that is reapeating that thing, and i never have the time to accomplish: i knew i promised you, and i think you are waiting for it since i said it.

You are kneel close to me and you are looking at me, smiling. 
I can feel your hand on my legs, and your eyes are set on mine. 
My heart is beating like a crazy jackhammer, and you can feel it.
In these days our electric shocks have been so soft, you have wanted say me this. 
When i seen it i have smiled, and i thought to how everything has began, and i shaked my head uncredolous. 
Everything has begun five years and it is continuos day by day, even now that i’m writing you in this moment: you are close to despite you are to the opposite side of the world, and the only thing that i can do is to throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t crazy, and you can feel all my agitation in your soul, and you are tightening me stronger to you, whispering that you feel it. 
I close the eyes, leaning my back on your chest. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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