– Interlude 4 –

We were still wrapped by those sensations thay we didn’t  how define them, and the we were the centre of everything. 
We were got back in time, when everything started from us. When it was enough a glance and we could see the most insignificant thing become the most beautiful, and regain its own place in the universe.

We were asleep, but in someway we still communicating through our breathes, and our remembers of our adventures, those big emotions in which we had defeated all those enemies in all those dimensions. 
Dimensions in which we had met all those creatures, dimensions in which we had given all ourselves, but in which we were about to forgotten ourselves. 

Slowly, we realized that we have started everything once again, from the starting point: us.
We have crossing a long pathway backward: we have met all that creatures of all those dimensionss, when we return in the neighborhood, we sat in that bench. Me with that diary on the legs, and you next to me who was talking  aloud without realizing that i was taking note of what you was saying. 
But it have been a moment, a fast one.

We got back in time still more and our emotions were still an embryo, and like a film that rewinds and starts again, you  for the very first time, were entered in that bar, and looking at yourself around and decide sit on one of the stools infront of the long counter, and in awaiting for that iced glass of beer arrived, you have mirror yourself  inside the liquor showcase in front of you, and with the glance you have wandered seeing the people behind you, and only when you have noticed of a shadow in that dark side of the local, your heart stopped

You didn’t turned around yourself immediately. You have started to stared that solitary shadow who slowly has revealed itself, inside that showcase. 
That pale light was illimunate that table behind the wooden curtain, and between those sticks, you have glimpsed something magical.
When the barman has comeback from my table, you have stared at him questioning yourself who was that person who he had as soon served, and slowly you turned yourself  looking for  see better that silhouette that now was looking at toward your part. 

Immediately you have changed position, getting back to stared that showcase in front of you.
You had the heart that was beating like a jackhammer, but you could not to stop look at me trough that glass.
Slowly that deafening buzz around you has completly disappear. 
The only sounds that you could hear to were two, of  which one you wasn’t able to distinguish from where came from, but it seemed that it was chasing you. 


You were so fascinated by that female figure, that you hadn’t realized to be remained on that stool all the evening, and only when the barman got back to that table, taking that few money that that girl had left, you have stared the money that the barman was deposing in the cash desk, as if it was the thing of mine closer to you, and unconsciously you have closed the eyes, hoping to feel in that classic smell, something different, something that it have would make you remember more that girl, and only after throw away the air from the lungs, you have sighed my name, and really slow you have opened the eyes, and delicately you have turned your face toward me, and like in that flashback that you have relived, you was remained lack words, while you was feeling my soft  breath that was caressing your skin.

You was staring me sleeping on your chest covered by only that satin unfastened shirt, and my hand placed on your heart, and it was only in those instants get calm itself.
You have sighed my name a couple of times, then you have embraced me tight, looking for asleep once again, but when you have opened the eyes something have strangled you, and the only thing that have got calm you, have been to look at me was that sleeping. 
Your heart was still beating like a crazy and the only thing you had in mind was feel me closer to me than ever. Something bigger was wrapping you. You had have to throw away all the air from the lungs, while i have whispered your name.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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