– Interlude 3 –

You have looked at me after a long moment in which our eyes have transmitted everything what we were feeling, and with your soft tone of voice, you have said: “Let’s try to sleep”, and i have threw away all the air in body approaching myself to you, and with all delicateness, i have tightened  me to you, and you have sweetly  embraced me.

It was useless questioning ourselves on the one question that was turning in our mind from when we got back in the apartment. The result of that question was remaining the same: “Why we got back at the start point?” 
And the more we making ourselves that question, the more only two solutions came out, but at one of those we didn’t wanted thinking about, while the other it was the most reasonable, to which we WANTED BELIEVE, and we had to think to our feelings…. think to ourselves. 
It would HIM, in his own way, to let us know, when, where, but above all how, we would have leave our safe place.

Now, we were only us, and nobody else: only us, and that was enough.
It was enough a glance, a small particular to turn on that desire that it had overwhelmed us few hours ago, and it was enough throw away all the air from the lungs to collect every emotions in an instants, and touch what we were wear, to be wrapped by new perfumes, and feel our heart beat like a jackhammer.

We weren’t surrounded by creatures, we had not to solve some mistery, or look for someone. 
We were ourselves the most beautiful mistery to solve, and the solution we have could find, everytime we were looking at us straight of the eyes of the other. 
We closed the eyes with that thought that turning round in both our minds. 
We didn’t have spoken but we both, were thinking at the same thing, because what was surrounded us in that moment, it was the smallest but at the same time the biggest emotion that we have could feel, and only when we have looked at everything around seemed explodes. 

We remained so, still for a couple of minutes, breathless. 
We knew to see the same small universe in the eyes of who we were looking at. 
Universe that was open itself to new visions, new sensations, and above all to a new awareness of us.
Only in those instants, we have understand what was our importance in that cosmos, and  only looking at that small universe, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and then i thrown myself among your arms, and listening to your heart that was beating fast like mine, you have repeated: “Let’s try to rest ourselves”.
I have just mumbled, then i lifted the face toward your, and in your eyes i have seen  once again that universe in his evolving, and my heart has stopped another time, and even you have seen the same thing in my glance.

At end, you have embraced me tight among your arms, whispering: “I love you so much”, and our glances met once again, and slowly your lips leaned on mine, in one of the sweetest kisses you have could give me, and only when we have break away each other, we have seen a glimmer in our glance.
We knew it was about to happend something, but we had only to wait for, and so delicately you have took me among your arms, and only few seconds later, we have closed the eyes, attempting to asleep, but we had our hearts that were about splash out of our chest.
But however we have pretended anything, and we have started to feel our breath that little by little has became only one.


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