– Interlude 2 –

When you have realized that i fallen asleep, unconsciously you have tightened me more to you, and slowly you have opened the eyes, and have started to look at yourself around, and once again you have start to remember each things in that apartment, and with the mind you got back in time to the very first evening you have invited me to go there, but that remember have been interrupted, by a uncoscious gesture of my hand, when it have slid inside that satin shirt you had on, and i have whispered your name. 

You have looked that hand inside that shirt, and you have assured that i was asleep, and with a delicate gesture you have kissed my head, and still for a couple of minutes you have continued to stare my hand inside the shirt and immediately after, you have closed the eyes and tilted your head, feeling my fingers that mapping that zone of your skin.

Slowly we were getting connect each other, and we were making in order our priorities. Those that we had forget from long time: those in which, even a small rustle of a piece of cloth on the skin, it was making us crazy, and it was what i was doing without realizing, and really slow you have start to sigh my name, with the eyes closed.
And after of couple of time you have whispered it, all of sudden, you have opened again the eyes, and with all delicateness you have taken me among your arms, and you have brought me in bedroom.
Then you have laid me on the mattress, and as you have made me fallen asleep among your arms on the sofa, you have taken me once again, and delicately you have place once again my hand on your chest, inside that shirt of satin.

But now, you had the possibility looking at me integrally, and settled on one side, you have begin to softly caressed me, along all my body, and reach parts that have made you sigh, while i had still that hand on your bare chest, and at each little emotion i was feeling, delicately i was  tightening my hand on your skin, and as a vicious circle, our emotions were merging each other, and only when you have started caress my legs, you have stared all my scars i had on, then your gaze have moved itself on my face, and for a moment you have stopped, thinking how much i had suffered in my life, then in the sweetest way possible, you have enlarged my legs, and slowly, from the knees to the inner thighs, you have reached that small point of no return, and gently you have take me off the panties, and while you was looking at me, one of your finger have penetrating me, and when you have started move it delicately, you have felt my little contractions, but then i have left it enter more, and only when you have started move it slowly faster, i held first the flap of your shirt, then i have opened the eyes, and you was looking at me.

Delicately you have approached to me, and for a moment, we have listened to only that deaf sound of something that got wet more, and my glance was becoming languid, when i have made fallen that satin shirt on your shoulders, and that piece of soft satin have touched my belly, i have started moan, and our breath increased. 

You was feeling me always more wet, and was loving that sensation, and i was love your movements inside me. You loved look at me at your mercy so, and you knew that i was going crazy for that shirt on your shoulders. 

But all of a sudden, your desire have been stronger than anything else, and so you have pulled out the finger, and with the delicateness you have penetrated me with your desire that little by little became bigger.
Your moans were merging with mine, and we have started to call each other, and our names seemed dancing intertwining themselves, till disappeared burn by our passion exploded unison.

That fire have turned off when our contractions slowly faded, and our eyes met again, and our names had stopped chasing each other.”


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