– Interlude –

When we’ve been taken and lifted up in that twirl, we knew that we were leaving that dimension, and we would not see not longer our friends. 
We had  learnt don’t turn ourselves, if ever they had tried to come out to look at us for a very last time, but none of them had left the local. 
They had seen us take the flight from those three monitors, and each of them, at their own way, had said us “Goodbye”, and inside our hearts we had could hear them.

That vortex in which we were entered, it was so different rather than the others. It was like a sweet embrace, and inside of it, we could feel so well our hearts beating unison, and your hold was one of the sweetest you could have.
We have crossed that tunnel with all calm, and we had have, even the possibility, to turn ourselves, in front each other, and when we have met our glances, everything around us,  has became softer, and even the smallest emotion has became the bigger one. 

Our eyes didn’t wanted stick off one from another, and we were became the essence of the other. 
We didn’t talk, but we did it throught our eyes, our small caresses, our smiles. Our breathes were the only thing we had need. Only ocassionally you had need to whisper my name, and me reply you.
We knew that it was our ferryman havd created all that magical atmosphere, and it was him who were taking us in the next place, in the next dimension, in which we would have meet another creatures and another adventure to facing up to.
But that atmosphere, it was so intimate, and it seemed it went with what we were feeling in those instants, and there is no any sign of  any new dimension. 

We were, only floating in that white and calm cloud that it made us turning slow, while we  we regaining our intimacy touching us delicately, touching softly our bodies, our skin, and laughing nervously, because we had, almost forget, how big our desire was, even to feel our perfume of the skin, and looking at us endless, leaving our emotions guide us in our sweet moves.

We were looking at each other, and i had placed my hand inside your shirt, when all of a sudden, all our clothes are vanish, and for a a couple of seconds we remained naked, and in those seconds our eyes remained on our bodies, as if we were looking at us for the very first time naked, and from your mouth it has came out a sigh: “How much beautiful you are”, while i was touching your stomach, your hips and i was approach to you always more, and only when our foreheads touched, you have taken my hand, and slowly your fingers crossed with mine, ad the other one, had tightened my hip, and slowly, we became two souls in one only body.

You was in me, and i was in you, but no thrust: we looked at each other for a second, then delicately, i embraced you, and you have tightened me more to you. 
We were crossing that atmosphere so sweetly, that we would have wanted that it had no end. 
At that point we didn’t care, not even, where we would landed, or in which situation we would be ended. but what we didn’t know that our ferryman have would taken us in a place that we knew very well.

We knew we would arrived soon, because the force of that vortex was disincreasing, and magically we were dressing new dresses, and that white soft cloud  slowly  has became more white, as long we haven’t seen anything around us, but we have understand that we were about to enter that new dimension.
We divided each other, but you have always held my hand.
We arrived, but still we didn’t have seen where. 
All that white, in someway, has exploded around us, and only when it was dissolved itself, we have could see where we were landed. 

We had immediately recognized all that forniture around, and breathless we have looked at us, and once again we have looked at all the place, and only at end, we have touched that sofa where we were sat. 
We have throw away all the air from the lungs, and shyly we smiled. 
We have looked at the mezzanine for a while, but we were so tired, that you have invited me among your arms, and slowly we fallen asleep. 

We were back in our apartment.”


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⇐“We were staring” – ∟epilogue∟

– Interlude 2 –⇒

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