Here you are

Again, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing, while you are sweetly embrace me from behind, and slowly our connection is begin.

I can’t swallow, and i feel my heart begin to beat like a jackhammer. 

I’m biting my lips, and everything inside me start to shake like a leaf. 

I can feel your arms are tightening me sweetly strong, and you pulling me toward your chest.
When i feel our bodies touch themselves, i throw away the air from the lungs, and i can perceive your voice is calling me, while your arms are tightening me stronger. 
Slowly, tightening my hips, you are turn me and we both are sighing. 

You are smiling me and delicately your forehead touch mine. Without say anything you make slide my hand inside your shirt, and breathless i look at you. 
Sweetly you say: “Do you feel it?” Your heart is beating like a jackhammer. 
It were days that we didn’t feel these greats sensations around us.

I look at you and my hand is still there, while your are sliding till my hips, and there stop.
You moving me sweetly. 
If we close the eyes, we can see ourselves inside our apartment, in front of the big window, and we dancing our slow dance.

Slowly and delicatly, everything is normalizing. Our connection start again, and everything is making us shaking:
We are entering in Our Parallel World in the precise instant we have left it, and all our emotions are wrapping us in their soft embrace.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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