“We were staring” – ∟epilogue∟

That creature with those yellowish eyes, who was taking away that dwarf in silence in that small piece of ground, and slowly, even the last white flap of that flawless jacket was swallowed in the dark soil.
All of sudden we remained without anything to fight back, and we had to reset everything. 
Despite we were many in that local, it was reigning a deafening silence in which we could hear our hearts beating like  crazy.

Even the others were astonished, but on one only thing we were reasoning: despite how much weak the creature was, he have gave right to us, and in that theatrical gestures, he have wanted hid all bad things that the dwarf have would put in act. 
In that gesture he was asking to be forgiven, and morever he was saying us that he would not come back no longer, taking away that malaise concentrated in that white dressed dwarf.
And only when he completely disappeared, that sensation have exploded in the local, and immediately after a guts of wind have crossed our minds, and a heavy weight, that unconsciously we had brought for whole time, have volatzed itself.
You have looked at me straight into the eyes and delicately you have tightened my hand, and together we have assisted to the real reunion of Scott with her little sister. Scott have checked her status of health, and despite he wasn’t a real doctor, he have understood that she have need to drink much liquid and to rest, but her legs were too weak to support her, so he lift her on that pool table, and it have become a suitable rest place.

We were sat next the good lit table, and were looking at everybody else who were busy to help who had need, and many of them were asking themselves if that creature would comeback, looking at the hole in that wall.
Benjamin and Scott were the only sure that in that gesture they have would seen that couple for the last time, and with assurring words, have tranquilized everybody.

In some way, we were feeling ourselves only an audience of the normality that got back between those creatures, and something that was being  re-born in those glances: an alliance strengthened, and unconsciously we had smiled, then with all the delicatness you have took the hand, anhd with a glace you have made me understand that it was the time to leave. 
We knew that our time was about to expire, and slowly you have helped me to stand up, and between the buzz, we were leaving the local, when our Ogre have noticed us, and he ran toward us, asking where we were going to.
With few words have explained him everything, when he was about to call everybody, you have stopped him in time.
“It’s better so, they have need to take again their spaces, and when i say they, i include even you”, and saying this the Ogre turned and he have looked one by one his friends, and when he turned back toward us, we were, already went up the staircase, and the last thing he have seen, have been our shadows fading on the wall, and when he turned toward his friends, have sigh:”They are gone” and all of sudden everybody have stopped, and immediately Scott went behind the counter and turned on the three monitors, and they have seen us by shoulders walking slow, hand in  hand and my head leaned on your shoulder.

For long and in silence they have stared us as long it has born a twirl that have lifted us from ground and delicately, it have swallowed inside, and only then Benjamin have said: ” Now they are gone!” and everybody have looked at once again the monitors that showed the empty street with some soft guts of wind.”


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⇐“It was” – ∟53∟

– Interlude –⇒

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