“It was” – ∟53∟

Accomplishing the real defeat of the dwarf, when we have seen that smile becoming more visibile, on the Scott face, but he still didn’t had said a words, but he was looking at us with the certainty of our victory.
The dwarf was still conviced that when we have would found her sister, she was already dead, and he was continuing cursing us for what we had done to that creature so weak to formulate a concrete phrase, and the small dwarf was try to give some help to that obscure creature in the soil.

On the pool table, Bench was the only who was murmuring something audible to everybody. 
We were looking at him astonished, but we hadn’t try to stop him, because it was time say everything we have thought, during all that period. 
It seemed that the dwarf wasn’t listening to him: he was assisting the creature, who little by little, resurfacing from the soil, revealing his whole form. Instead the white dressed dwarf was hearing everything Bench was saying.
They were words of acussation. Accusation to have put a whole city under a veil of fear. Accusation if we hadn’t found what he was looking for, he would have put in danger others innocent inhabitants, and only thank to the determination of their new friends, they had solve the matter.

When he have named us, we have looked at him astonished, but we have left him continue without intermissions. 
Bench have been the only who have spoken in that time frame, and in his words we could have feel all the frustation that in those days was circulating in the city, and now that he had the possibilty to eject everything in front of the creature who had create all that discomfort, in someway, it could have feel that, he was feel better.

For a while we have looked at everybody, and with a soft beckon, we have feel us proud of what Bench was still saying to the dwarf, but at a certain point the dwarf seemed resentful, and after a glance  toward that creature, he got up and ran in front of him, and with all anger in body, he screamed: “I’m not ashamed of what i done! Your friend here, had bricked him, only because he have listened some laments, and he didn’t have came to check before.
Her sister had fear about those dread noise, and he solved the problem like this!”, and indignant, he indicated the wall. 

Scott wanted say something, but he have preferred remain in silence, while he was more concetrate to check those three monitors on the small table behind he counter. 
By now, we knew well Scott, and when he have looked at the dwarf, we knew what he would have say him, and in our mind we have could hear his words: “Not only my sister have been scared, many others creatures been scared…” but now it wasn’t time to make recriminations

In short time everything it would be end, and even if with a bitter aftertaste, each one with his own victory, even if we didn’t knew how.
We have looked at everybody without breathe, and only when someone have appeared on those three monitors, a small glimmer have printed on the face of Scott, and when he have recognized her sister between the arms of the leader of the Ogres, he have thrown a quick glance toward us, making us understand that someone was arriving, and someone of very special. 

Scott was looking at the dwarf who was still judging each one of us for what he have thought that we had done, and slowly he have cliked the red botton, and only we have recognized that small  noise, we have stared each other breathless, and in silence we have started to count, one by one the staircase, and we everybody knew that descent it would slower than others, but in very short time Scott have would seen once again her sister, and we our Ogre.
Without stick off the glance from the dwarf, we everybody were following the shadow of the silent ogre from  the wall  behind the counter, and only when he have arrived in front of the door ajar open, he have opened it really slow. He made Kitra went down, and he made her sign to go really slow.

Only when the other creatures, with our Ogre were in, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and Scott have came out from the counter, and one by one the others were came out, and weak Kitra have reached his brother, and they embraced strong.
Slowly after seen that scene, all the glances were pointed on the dwarf who didn’t know what say, but only Bench have been to summarize everything in one sentence: “You have lost”, while the dwarf seemed confuse, when those pointed fingers of  that creature have taken him, and without make much noise, have dragged him under soil, and they are vanished forever, leaving us lack words.”


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