“The dwarf” – ∟52∟

Was doubtful approach to that wall, but the more he was listening to those laments, the more he was recognizing the sound of that voice, and when Wally have made him space to enter in that dark space, he have looked at us astonished. 

He had recognized that creature, but it seemed the ghost of himself, but the only thing still full of that life that only the dwarf could comprehend, were those yellowish eyes, and when those glances were meet, something have unleash the  anger of the dwarf, and immediately after checking the health of the creature in the soil, he have screamed: “Nobody can save your sister and you friend… pratically they are, already dead! I have left them so weak, and i don’t believe you can save them!” and he have started to laugh loud, while the creature from those yellowish eye was looking for to catch his attention, but he wasn’t able to.

He was so taken from himself and from his victory that he didn’t realizing that as soon left the drain room, he had lost the game. 
We were looking at him astonished, and we were looking at Scott always lack words. We were looking at him who hadn’t any expression in face, but only a light smile was printed on his hard and grey face, and ocassionally was watching the three monitors, hoping to see someone of which he have could blindly trust in.

We have been taken by that dwarf, byt what he was doing, that we hadn’t notice that Scott had warned the ogres, and he knew that they had planned what do, once the dwarf had read that page of that newspaper. He knew to well the ogre mind, and they have wouldn’t left uncovered a good plan, like that. 
And now that the dwarf was there, Scott knew that the ogres  were in that dark alley setting free her sister and their companion. 

It was matter of time and he would have seen her sister in front of the three monitors and he would could say what he would have wanted say since when the dwarf had kidnapped her.
Now, for real we had to wait something of unexpected and see the reaction of the dwarf.

Only in those instants, the group of the ogres had found the entrance, and only with the voices of of the prisoners, were finding the way of their jail, and only after of couple of failed attempts, they have found an exhausted Kitra sat and tied on that small chair, with a pale face, and their companion ogre who was attempting to lift her. In those screams, she had gave all herself, and only when the group have been able to breakdown the rusty gate, the Ogre said: “She need to drink some clean water…” and he left that phrase in suspension. 
The leader had immediately understand what he want meant when he have seen that bowl in the middle of the room. 
That water, has maintained her hydrated, but it had intoxicated.
She had drunk much that water and, slowly the ogre could see the bad effect of her, even without ask her how she was doing.

Only when they have set them free and bring them away from that place, even the new air, out from that building, seemed give her new charge, and slowly she have recognized one by one of the ogres, and with her sweet and gentle glance, she have thanked them, but trought her big eyes, it seemed that she was asking only one thing, and the leader have replied her, without that she tried to speak.
“Now we bring you to him”, looking at the Ogre, he nodded, and with some hurry, all them have left that dark alley.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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