“Scott” – ∟51∟

Behind the counter have looked at us one by one, and as if he wanted the confirmation to opened the door, have looked at me first then you that have beckon, and really slow, he have pushed the small red button under the counter, and after  a second that click have resounded in that big room making us everybody jolted, as if we didn’t ever heard the sound before, and slow the door have unlocked, while we were still looking at that enormous shadow making itself always smaller.

We held back the breathe, when we have seen the door handle pushing itself down, and from behind the door, me and you, had recognized that pungent smell that we had forget, but we immediately thought, that maybe for the dwarf  was an unconditioned form of defence. That smell was spreading  in all local, despite he wasn’t still inside of it. 
That smell had woke the creature inside the soil, who was agiting himself always more, and now was looking at Wally at his guard, and his murmuring were formulating something like a warning for who was entering, but those sentences were too confuse, even  for the dwarf who was crossing the door, looking at himself around, not understading what they were.

We were remained in silence till the small white creature have put himself in the middle of the room, and he started to look at each one of us, as if  he knew us very well. 
He looked at Bench and he approached to him, analizing him, then he looked that one of his legs was still bleeding despite i got bandage it. Bench was looking at him worry, but the dwarf just wanted see the wounds, and silent, he removed him the bandage from one legs, then he he have stared it for a long intants, then he turned and he looked at deeply one by one who he had around, and only at end he spoken.

“I know only one creature who can wounding in that way… where is he?”, but nobody didn’t move a muscle. We still stared at him, and only after a long pause, i have took the courage and formulared the only question that which we wanted hear a valid answer.
“How Kitra and the Ogre are doing?”
The main interested was still behind the counter and, was looking at him, searching for something that it could reveal even the smallest thing.
Scott didn’t move from that position, because he had a bullet inside his unlikely rifle.

Beside the opening button of that small door of that local, he had placed a silent alarm, and he was pushing it, as if from that would depend the salvation from the end of that world, and outside placed above the shutter a small intermittance light was catching the attention of many passers-by, but eventually, have catched the attention of who in those hours, knew what what it would  be happen inside that local.
And those intermittance lights were saying something very important. 
The creature after memorized that signs, have immediately went in Ogre Street, and have warned everybody. 
The plan was going at the perfection. 

That drain room, have been left unattended, and the ogres would have set free Kitra and their companion without problems, and so in hurry, the leader of that brave ogres, have choose some of the most valiant, and they have reached the dark alley, and without problem have knocked to the small window place at the feet of the sidewalk.
When they have seen Kitra, have smiled her, and without waste time, have made her understand that, they have would look for the entrance, and Kitra have smiled at the Ogre astonished. 

Only when i got up and you have tightened the hand for a while, the dwarf have understand that there was no any deception, and when i spoken everybody have set their eyes on me.
“That news you have read is totally true. Scott have had possessed something your…. but isn’t better say that you belong to what we have found inside these walls?”
And only when i have ended speak, some weak noise have came out from that hole that we had break down, and a feeble voice was calling the dwarf, and only when the voice of the creature have became insistant, that unique bulging eye have directed his glance toward that hole in the wall, and really slow he went there.

“Now give us back what you have stolen us” have said Scott, knowing perfectly what the ogres were doing.”



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