“In those” – ∟50∟

Instants the only being you was able to look at was me, and in those intants, i seemed you the most beautiful creature you had close, and in your smile i have could perceive all your anxiety in waiting for that something  could happens. I was smiling at you while  i was changing the bandage at Bench’ legs.
We didn’t know if everything had worked, but we knew that the Ogres plan was one of the better organized, and  that wait  had muted everybody, and each little move was being seen like something of big.

After the return of the three ogres in Ogre Street, the leader have wanted hear how it went, and like proof of the operation, the trio have showed him that small red juicy fruits in their hands, and they have smiled him. 
The leader haven’t the time to formulate the only question that he was thought important, that one of the ogres, have made see him his empty pocket of his pants, and morever the ogre have added: “We have attempted to wait…” but the leader have nodded saying: “… but he have heard your heavy breathe…. it’s ok guys. You have done a good job. Now we have to wait to see if he fallen in that trap.”

In that drain room, Kitra and the big Ogre, were looking at the dwarf sat on that little chair. They didn’t know what he was doing. He was looking straight at that desk.
The ogre was looking at Kitra questioning why he was standing still, and the big creature was astonished looking at her jail companion who was smiling always more. 
She knew that in those instants, his jailer was fighting an interioral battle, and he was making himself many questions to which he didn’t know how to answer, and the only fact of which he was sure, was to come out from that drain room, cross the piazza and throw himself in that local of which was talk the article, and see if everything was real.

Kitra knew perfectly that in those seconds, he was deciding if believe to that article or not, but the more he was thinking about it, the more those voices were hammering in his head, and maybe it was time to check if Scott had found what he had claimed since the begin, morever she knew that those minutes were even the most dangerous for her and his friend in that jail, so in those instants the silence was the better choice to adopt.
When the dwarf have approached himself to the rusty gate, he have looked straight into her eyes, and in that glance there was all the challenge he have could thrown, then he thrown a glance toward the ogre and he said: “If everything this is false i can even unleash a hell!”
But it could perceive that to have fear weren’t the prisoners but the dwarf  itself, and Kitra have shared a quick glance with the Ogre who was still  keeping an eye on that white dressed dwarf, and when  he left them, Kitra gave once again a glimpse to the page of newspaper on the floor, reading once again the title of the article: “New creepy sounds inside the most famous pub of the city” then she have sighed the name of his brother. 

When they have heard the only door facing the street closing, they jolted, and for a long minute they remained to listen, but after that clang they have hear nothing more, then they have looked at each other scared. 
They both, knew that he was really came out, and now they had only to wait that the events were developing themselves, and hoping that whoever had organized all that, had planned even this visit out schedule.

The city that evening was calmer than usual. The inhabitants were walking slow on the sidewalks, and  were respecting the traffic light, and the only softt noise that it were hearing were their steps that were merging with a soft rain that was getting wet the asphalt. 
That evening was darker than others, and the dark raincoats hid the creatures who searching to repears themselves from the rain.   
In that precise instants in that dark evening, only a white spot has begun to walk really slow in the middle of the piazza, and seemed that made itself the void around. 

Only when he arrived in front of the shutter, he stopped and he looked at himself around everything have started again, to round a bit faster, and the other creatures have began to walk normally and sometimes they have clashed him, without excuse themselves. 
After the umpeteenth clash, he went more in front to the shutter, and he started to knock. 
To the three knock the monitors inside turned on.
When we have understood that was the dwarf, we have looked at each other overwhelmed, and you have whispered: “We go on stage” and silently we have seen the dwarf shadow went down the staircase.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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