Here you are

Your embrace around my belly, and our connection is as soon began. 
We both are throwing away all the air from the lungs, and everything is turning in Our Parallel World. Our mind connected each other, and you in someway, are calling me, and i feeling you, and the only thing i can do is close the eyes, and whispering your name, and you are reply me, and despite our distance are smiling, while our soft punch in the stomach is growing fast, and everything around become so minimal.

The only thing we have need is our closeness, our hearts are beating unison. 
I can perceive your arms tightening me delicately stronger, and our minds getting connect always more.

I can feel your hands on my skin, and your breath is wrapping me taking me in Our Parallel World inside our shed, where everything become so velvety and delicate like your words and your hands caress on my body. 

We have to throw away all the air from our body for don’t crazy.
Despite the distance we feel us always closer.
I’m waiting for you tonight.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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