“We remained” ∟49∟

Speechless from the hard words of Scott while looking at the copy of that false newspapers and we were thinking about what that young ogre had said us, and at end we have looked at each other with an only question in mnd: “Will it work?”, but at this  quick question we have had already an immediately reply from the the three monitors that Benjamin had turned on to check what was going on on street.

That buzz that the leader of Ogres wanted intend, was taking way among those ogres in the main piazza, and they were handling a couples of those copies of false newspapers and they were playing their part perfectly. 
Two or three little groups of those big monsters were walking in the piazza and when they met each other, were commenting the news with such clang that we have hear their voices even inside the local. 
A couple of those comments and we had the certairnty that they would be arrived  inside that dark alley, inside that drain room

We were attending to that show in silence, looking at Scott first then that obscure creature still covered by that soil, and in the creature eyes, we have could see very well: “They are getting you in trap!”, and maybe they would have make in hurry, if they have would spread the voice so quickly, but their game had to be more realistic possible: there had to be always a couples who didn’t wanted believe in what they were reading, and put some doubts, as much to make him come out from that hidden place, and maybe it would be not so easy, as everybody have thought.
That’s why those newspaper copies would been useful. 

By now, we had done our parts, and now we had to only wait for that day pass, and that those pages of that newspaper became only a piece of an old newspaper that everybody have would immediately forget,but it have would get curious the only creature of that city who would found still something in which to believe.

The plan of the ogres was going how it had to go, and the latest ogres were given themselves a meeting point at the begin to the dark alley in search of those small red jiucy fruits, and that was the lastest move that they have could make that evening. 
The leader had choose the bravest to attempt this move, and with the most naive of the gestures, he had said them to go in there, and in searching of those fruits, they had to talk on what had read on the newspaper, and when one of them didn’t wanted believe, in that instants one of the others two, have would pulled out the page, and after say aloud: “Seen?” they have would make fallen the page on the ground, only when they have would found a bunch of those red fruits, they would left go, leaving that sheet of newspaper in that dark alley, hoping that dwarf had heard, and he would be come out to take the page, and read with his own eyes.

The trio of the ogres, had done what the leader had said them to do, and something more. They hidden themselves, ready to catch him, but they have waited for him uselessly.
Only when the dwarf hadn’t hear no longer the heavy breathes of the ogres, he have come out, and he collect the page, and when he have read those few lines put in row, he have took a glimpse around, then he back inside, and he have paid attention to that small article, in which  it was say that after a long a period of silence inside the famous and much reserved local of the city, they were heard again those laments that had frighten all the inhabitants, immediately after that dreadful incident.

After read it a couple of times, and memorized those few words, he screamed “Finally!” hitting hitting the small desk with a fist, and he got up, and he went  in front to the rusty gate, and he stared for long Kitra with a  mocking smile, and he said: “Well done girl. You had heard well.” and  he made flutter that piece of paper and made it fallen in front of her, and with some difficulties she have collected it, and have read it aloud, and then she have take a glimpse to Ogre, then she said: “Maybe in short time we will be free”, and finally in her big  black eyes there was a glimmer of hope. Her thought went to his brother Scott.
She smiled.”


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