I had to stop

What i was doing, for write what i was feeling in these instants.
The soft punch in the stomach has grown suddenly, and all my thoughts were went to you. I’m throwing away all the oxygen i have body to change it with another one. Ours. 

I feeling your closeness more than ever. Your embrace has become stronger and in someway more sensual than before. 
I have to close the eyes. 
In someways we are get connect each other faster than we can imagine. 
Every sensations we know, are expanding in a such way that we can’t manage, but they are pushing us in that twirl that we knew be so soft, but now is so fast.
I can feel your embrace around my belly, making itself always stronger, and our hearts are beating like two jackhammer unison.

From the other day, everything has became faster, and our connection stronger, and now everything is turning faster.

I can hear your voice closer, and it makes me shake always more. 
I have to throw away the air from the body, and take the new one, and in someway i know i’m taking it from you. 

I feel your hands tightening my hips delicately always stronger and you make me move in our slow dance. 
That dance that is approaching us always more, despite our distance. 
Now we can stretch our hands and in someway, we can touch us. 
Everything is becoming easier. 

Slowly Our Parallel World is become our real world. 
If i think about it, i can go crazy, but really slowly it’s so.
I looking at your blue eyes, and i sigh. 
In that your tiny mole, there is everything we have always wished.
Let me caress it.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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