“We knew” – ∟48∟

That we had few time to organize all that, but we hadn’t know what the leader of the ogres had organized, but maybe it was better so.
We had to think only how make to convice the creature to come out from his hid place without get hurt anybody else. 
Bench was still suffering from the wounds that the creature had provocated him, and in our deep, we knew that he was more powerful than us put together, morever we didn’t know how big he was. 
Since when we had opened that wall we had seen only just two part of his body: his hands with their nails, a great weapons, and his strange yellow eyes.
And we had to make him come out without that anybody uses any kind of weapon to defend us.

We were thinking about this, when the youngest of the ogres have knocked three times the shutter on the street, and automatically the three monitors have turned on, and Benjamin has went to check. 
He had recognized the young ogre, and astonished because he was alone, he let him enter.
When he went downstairs we have saluted him, but he seemed  don’t notice that, but rather he was be careful to what he had in hand, and stammerer, he has started to explain something that looked about a plan that the ogres had organized. 
He left us a copy of that newspaper with that news that the ogre had made print on, and he didn’t added anything else. but when he was on the threshold, he turned and he said: :”I hope this may be come handy”, and only with a soft beckon he left definitely the local.

We have looked at the newspaper with that news on main page, and we remained astonished for what the Ogres had invented in so short time, and looking at carefully that false first page, some little wheels have started rounding in our heads.
In someways, we had to approach the creature, but only Scott had the courage to make himsef ahead.
Only him had the right to attempt that approach. He asked the flashlight to Benjamin who give it him sighing him: “Be careful”, and with all the eyes set on him, he have crossed that hole, and with Wally behind his shoulders, he turned on the flashlight pointing it on the dark soil in front of him.

After only few instants that black soil has started to move, and in really few seconds, he have could see those yellowish eyes that came out, and he have started to stare him with the most evilness that a pair of eyes could make see, and they have would scare anyone, but in those instants the creature, seemed scared more, but Scott didn’t seemed have touched by that glance, on that contrary he had took that iron spike that i had used to divide the creature hold from the legs of  Bench, and he was fumbling it on that creature, looking for to catch his attention.

And only few seconds later, those evil eyes have looked at him and Scott have began to talk.
“In short time we will make come out your dwarf. The dwarf who have kidnapped my sister and one of the Ogres. 
We have to reach a deal: we have someone who he wants, and he have someone who we want back. With a simple trick we will make him believe that the whole city is talking about you, but this a personal matter between you, me my sister, the Ogre and above all the dwarf, and nobody else. Since when the dwarf have kidnapped my sister, he have always substained that i had something his, but only after have made some search, we are arrived to the conclusion that we had to break down a wall in my local, and now that we have found you, i reclaim with all my strenght my sister!”
The eyes of that creature were straight into those of Scott, and he didn’t move, as if he understood that he was serious. He was standing still inside the black soil: only the strange hands were hanged on another iron spike, but what have impressed us much have been that glance into the Scott eyes.

Since when we were there, we hadn’t seen Scott so determinated to solve that matter. 
We should have followed his momentum. We have looked at each other, and now more than ever, we had to understand him. 
And slowly we have nodded holding our hands, and throwing away all the air from the lungs.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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